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Australia: The New Force In Diamond Mining

Diamond MiningDiamond mining had long been the sole concern of India, until South Africa stepped into the picture in the mid 1800`s with the discovery of a large diamond deposit there. Soon South Africa was heralded as the greatest source of diamonds on the planet. That lasted until the 1970`s when another large deposit was found in the Kimberley region of Western Australia.

Since that time, Australia has become the largest producer of diamonds in terms of volume worldwide. A third of the world`s diamonds come from Australia`s rich veins every year, including rare pink and red diamonds. There are three main mines in the country, the Argyle, the Ellendale, and the Merlin. These mines generate as much as 33 M carats of diamonds each year, a substantial portion of the world market.

Unlike other countries, diamond mining in Australia is not government funded or controlled. As a private industry, it is able to function under the strictest of guidelines and that enables it to avoid the kind of unlawful practices that have plagued the industry in other parts of the world. Mining in Australia is also quite technologically advanced, allowing an increase in volume that has enlarged production every year since the Argyle mine was commissioned in 1985.

What makes Australia stand out from the pack in the diamond industry is not only the sheer volume it produces but also the variety and quality of the stones themselves. Australia yields almost all of the pink diamonds on the market, as well as a large number of rare sparkling champagne and rich cognac diamonds.

The intense hue and luminescent quality of these diamonds makes them some of the most sought after gems in the world. Because Australian diamonds tend to fluoresce under ultra violet light such as that from the sun, they make for a dazzling display when mounted in rings, brooches and necklaces. It is this unique quality that has kept people buzzing about Australian diamonds and has made diamond mining such an important domestic trade.

Another thing that makes the diamond industry in Australia stand out is that nearly every phase of production, from initial mining to polishing and sorting, takes place domestically. That has meant a boost in jobs for Australia as well as a more secure and high quality finished product for buyers worldwide.

While mining of diamond has progressed slowly in some parts of the world, Australia has embraced modern technology to improve its process. High tech methods such as the use of lasers and computerised polishing equipment all help to ensure that the final product is of the finest possibly quality, guaranteed to give a buyer their money`s worth.

As long as there is an interest in sparkling gemstones, there will be a demand for quality diamond mining. Australia is answering that call with expertise, confidence and a natural product unlike any other in the world. That`s why when most people talk about diamonds today, they are usually talking about the brilliance from Down Under, which is second to none!

Diamond Mining


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