Bowen Basin coal mine Dawson West coal discovery

Bowen Basin coal mine attracts more investment

Bowen Basin coal mine Dawson West reveals billions of tonnes of high-quality thermal coal

Civil & Mining Resources has been given a shot of optimism and hope as ASX listedASF Group increased its interest in the 645 million tonne Dawson West Thermal Coal Project in the Bowen Basin, Queensland.

In October,Civil & Mining Resources upgraded resources at its Dawson West to 645Mt from a start-up total of 119Mt.

This now represents a coal mining area about 40 kilometres southwest of Moura town, which is close to coal rail infrastructure linking to coal terminals at the Port of Gladstone.

About Dawson West

The Dawson West mining operation has easy access via a network of roads that also allow for further exploration and evaluation of the coal potential within its designated area.

This will involve exploration, including feasibility studies; metallurgical testing; bulk sampling (trial pit); environmental and engineering studies.

The current resource consists of around 129 million tonnes in the Indicated and 516 million tonnes of coal in the Inferred categories. This information is based on sampling only 8 percent of the 1,436 square kilometre project boundaries.

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With this in mind, it provides further scope for big increases in tonnage expectations over substantial unexplored areas. The company has its sights set on finding 2 billion tonnes of coal as it continues its search.

Dawson West is very well suited for longwall, shortwall and linear style mining in multiple seams from 0.8 metres to 3.5 metres thick at depths from 5 metres to 487 metres.

The thermal coal quality is export grade, with low sulphur content and a low ash content.

Civil & Mining Resources

CMR has 25 exploration permits for coal covering 13,647 square kilometres of land throughout Queensland`s major coal bearing regions.

These are situated in close proximity to operating mines, infrastructure and proven economic coal resources.

Information about ASF

ASF is unique among ASX-listed public companies in Australia. It is a Sino-Australian investment and trading house which focuses principally on the identification, incubation and realization of opportunities in areas of synergy between China and Australia, including oil & gas, resources, property, infrastructure, travel and financial services sectors.

Exploration can lead to more Bowen Basin mine jobs

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