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Bickham Coal Project

Bickham Coal Project

bickham copyNew economic research shows that jobs created from the proposed Bickham Coal Mine may be significantly greater than previously estimated.

Research undertaken by the Hunter Valley Research Foundation shows that the 36 million tonne mine could add as many as 386 jobs to the Hunter Region economy, 286 of which would be full time jobs.

The HVRF research also reaffirms the economic benefits the mine would deliver, concluding there would be a boost of up to $150 million to the Hunter economy annually, or 3.7 billion dollars over the 25 year life of the mine. It is expected that most employees will be male and new recruits are likely to bring their families with them.

$10 million has been spent following various planning processes since acquiring the site in 2002. Bickham are hopeful of proceeding to full assessment soon and delivering this economic opportunity to the Upper Hunter.


Upper Hunter Valley, N.S.W.


  • $150 million to Hunter economy, $3.7 billion over 25 year mine life
  • 386 jobs, 286 of these full-time
  • Royalties to State Government could exceed an estimated $216.4 million

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