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BHP Billiton Jobs

Numerous BHP Billiton Jobs Are Available

BHP Billiton JobsBHP Billiton jobs are available in Africa, Asia, Europe, North America and South America as well as Australia. The company is a global leader in mining and petroleum drilling. Their projects include aluminum, aluminum and nickel, base metals, coal, diamonds, iron ore, copper and uranium.

There are positions available in management, marketing, minerals exploration, mining, petroleum drilling, engineering, operations, processing, accounting, geoscience and supply. There are apprenticeship and trainee positions. The company offers scholarships for young people interested in any of the positions requiring higher education.

There are full time jobs and part time positions. No matter where you live, what your qualifications are or the number of hours you are available to work, you will probably find that one of the BHP Billiton jobs is right for you.

According to the company`s most recent news release, their average daily petroleum production is equivalent to 665 thousand barrels of oil. The company has several offshore drilling facilities in the Gulf of Mexico.

In Queensland, coal production is up, rising by 20% during the September 2012 quarter. Even with that increase, the Queensland facilities are still not operating at 100% capacity.

In Western Australia, the company mines a significant amount of iron ore. Total iron ore production for the quarter was up 1% over the previous year with nearly 40,000 tonnes produced.

Copper is mined at the company`s Olympic Dam site in Australia. The company also has copper mines in Chile and Peru. Overall, they saw a 24% increase in production from the September 2011 quarter.

Cannington Australia is home to the company`s lead and silver operations. Although some reduction in lead and silver production was seen during the September 2012 quarter, over 52,000 tonnes of lead and 9000 ounces of silver were produced by the facility.

It is easy to understand why there are so many BHP Billiton jobs. Oil, coal, iron ore, copper, lead and silver are only a portion of the company`s interests. They have aluminum operations in Australia, Brazil and South Africa, nickel operations in Australia and Columbia and diamond mines in Canada and South Africa.

Manganese ore is still being recovered at the TEMCO plant in Tasmania. The production of manganese alloy resumed at TEMCO in Australia in July of 2012. And those are just some of the company`s many operations.

The qualifications necessary for BHP Billiton jobs vary depending on the job you are seeking. For the near future at least, you can be sure that BHP is hiring.

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BHP Billiton Jobs


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