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Alternative to mining jobs

There is an alternative to mining jobs. While most of the globe creaks and rattles its way through what`s become known as the GFC, Australia is the land of plenty; if you know where to look. Don`t let it be said there`s no opportunity out there.

Sure, the frenzied action in resource mining has been the catalyst for growth. For some job seekers hearing the news they`ve been offered a FIFO position with “XYZ Company” means their search is over; they`ve found their holy grail.

But what if you`re lacking mining experience and are not even getting a look in. What happens then? That`s not to say you can`t get into mining without experience. Miners have a word for such newcomers and call inexperienced workers greenskins. So if there`s a word for it, there must be those who fit the description and are making inroads. Nonetheless, greenskin or not, there are still opportunities if you look beyond the obvious to alternatives.

Experienced workers taking up mining jobs

Currently, a huge vacuum is being created as experienced workers leave their roles with various companies to take up opportunities in the resource sector. Their departure creates an open door for someone else. Perhaps one of the doors is an opportunity for an industry greenskin, which might be you.

Take for example comments made recently by Brisbane based land developer Geoff McWilliam complaining about a 50 per cent staff turnover: “Most non-LNG industries are struggling to retain workers as the LNG companies pay more.”

So he can`t find a few workers, who cares? However, McWilliam is not talking about a few piddley jobs. He`s not alone. Billionaire Lang Walker`s Sydney-based Walker Corp is building a community of 919 homes in Gladstone where there`s more than A$30 billion of coal-seam gas projects. Undoubtedly, they`ll need a little help there too.

Training now is part of the solution

A little looking will reveal the story of labour force shortages is not just from the mining sector so why not take advantage of the lack of supply and try the alternative to mining jobs. Someone has to dig the holes and haul the dirt. Why not you, if that`s what you want.

Training now, is all part of the solution. After all greenskin or not, you`ve still got to offer something. The trick is to know where you fit in and work your plan accordingly. Though it might sound a bit cliché, keep your eyes open and read between the lines. Developers need workers too. Maybe your opportunity lies there.


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