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Alpha coal mine approved – 1000s of Qld mining jobs

iMINCO Alpha Coal Mine Approved - 1000's of QLD Mining JobsGina Rinehart is rolling up her sleeves in 2014 and making a big impact on the Australian mining landscape.

The Alpha coal project in Queensland got the ‘green light’ to proceed, with thousands of Qld mining jobs being created.

Alpha coal mine – a huge win for the Queensland coal industry

The Land Court had previously blocked government approvals, although this new approval is dependent on a condition that Gina Rinehart secures licences to use water under the Water Act.

“In its judgment the Land Court clearly confirmed that GVK Hancock’s comprehensive environmental assessment addressed all the objections raised with no requirement for further conditions apart from ground water,” a company spokesperson said.

Failure to comply could mean more work for Rinehart as she would have to battle the Land Court for further approvals.

This new announcement was well received by the Queensland Resources Council.

The Alpha project is a joint venture between Rinehart’s Hancock Coal and GVK, an Indian power and energy company. GVK has had its eyes on theresource rich Alpha coal mine for some time and this is good news for mining jobs growth in Queensland. GVK owns 79 per cent and 21 per cent is owned by Rinehart’s Hancock Coal.

The central Queensland project is scheduled to be up and running in 2016, and is expected to export 32 million tonnes of coal a year.

Thousands of mining jobs at the Alpha coal mine

The Alpha Coal project will employ around 7500 people across the Galilee Basin region during construction, and close to 4000 once the mine is in operational mode.

Unskilled QLD mining jobs

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The Queensland and Federal government are also winners as the mine will contribute about $40 billion in taxes and royalties over the life of the mine.

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