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36.7% of QLD mining job applicants don’t have a Standard 11

iMINCO recently reviewed mining resumes we received for operators in Queensland. These jobs were advertised on online mining jobs boards.

The job ads were targeted at mining operators to work in the Bowen Basin mining region of Queensland and listed one of the requirements as being a current Standard 11 qualification.

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When you consider the importance of the Standard 11 and the requirements by Queensland law for all mine workers to possess this qualification, 100% of the applicants would include this as part of their application.

So let’s be clear about this…

The chances of you getting a start on a mine site in Queensland without having a Standard 11 are very slim.

In fact we’d say it was almost impossible to get on site.

Whether you are just starting out applying for mining jobs, or maybe you are a contractor who is preparing for the Adani Carmichael mine development for example; either way, if you want to work in Queensland on a mine site (coal or metaliferous, or even in a quarry), you must have a current Standard 11.

To recap…

To work on a coal mine, metaliferous (copper, gold, zinc, silver, etc) or quarrying site in Queensland, you must have a valid Standard 11 qualification.

The qualification is valid for 5 years and a refresher is available for those whose current Standard 11 has expired. (within 6 months)

book a Standard 11 online here, or a Standard 11 refresher here.





  1. Andrew July 6, 2015 Reply

    I’m looking for a Dump truck operator job

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