Adani Standard 11

Adani Carmichael mine - Standard 11

Be prepared for the next wave of Queelsland mining jobs

Get your Standard 11 for Adani jobs

If you apply for mining jobs at Adani without a Standard 11 – your application could be rejected.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity and existing workers who want to get a job at the Adani Carmichael mine should think about getting the right training and certification in place before the big recruitment drive starts.


Before you apply, make sure you have a current Standard 11 and any other competencies such as Haul Truck RII’s and Black Coal Competencies.

Adani will be receiving a thousands applications – so you MUST have a Standard 11 to stand out. Remember, your application could be fed into resume scanning software which will be looking for keywords that match what Adani are looking for. Words such as coal, Standard 11, RII, coal board medical etc, are common.

1. Read more about the Standard 11 mining induction

Carmichael Mine Information

The Adani Carmichael mine project is going to be huge for Queensland. It will export more than 60 million tonnes of high quality thermal coal at the peak production phase. Mining operations require a big investment in infrastructure development; including a 400km rail line to Abbot Point, near Bowen, power station, air strip, new roads as well as camp accommodation.

The mine itself is expected to create around 5,000 mining construction jobs and around 2-3,000 mine jobs when in full production.

When fully developed, the Carmichael Coal Mine will be the largest coal mine in Queensland, if not Australia. The development of the mine and rail network will boost employment in the areas surrounding the mine and fuel new life into local communities.

Carmichael mine facts

  • The thermal coal project has a potential mine life of 60 years.
  • An investment of approximately $10 billion.
  • A permanent work force of 4000 people is anticipated.
  • The mine is expected to be around 45 kilometres long.
  • Carmichael Mine is located on the Moray Downs cattle station (Isaac Regional Council area), about 160km north-west of Clermont, QLD.
  • Mining operations are expected to be a combination of 6 open pit and 3 underground longwalls.
  • Each pit is expected to produce about 10 million tonnes of coal per year.
  • Coal will be transported to and stocked at Abbott Point coal terminal near Bowen, via the rail line (to be built) where it will join the the existing QR National Network; and
  • It’s thought coal exports will be headed for India with some allocated to other international destinations.


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