Adani megamine jobs portal launches - 1000's of mining jobs advertised

Adani megamine jobs portal launches

Adani jobs portal – apply for Carmichael mine jobs here.

The Indian power and energy company Adani has today revealed a new online portal to help job seekers looking for work at the proposed Carmichael coal mine in the Galilee Basin.

Job seekers from all over Australia who are looking to get a job at the megamine can register for free through Adani’s online portal where they will be updated by email when the jobs are advertised.

Adani jobs portal launched 1000's of mining jobs
File photo of mine. Aaron Bunch/BHP

In the Adani questionnaire, there are 22 questions to answer, then job seekers are invited to register their details. This will then give them access to thousands of jobs.

How it all works is, companies and contractors who have signed contracts to deliver projects for Adani can use the jobs portal as a resource library and pick and choose which people they would like to interview for jobs. It’s also a good place for job seekers to search for those contractors and suppliers that could be a good fit with their skills and experience.

Registering for work at Adani

When you go to the jobs portal, the first thing to do is to register your interest by answering the questions on the form.

Questions are quite obviously structured to allow for applicants to be grouped by a few categories.

Australian Defence Force

If you’re a member of the ADF, you could have an advantage over other applicants. What stands out is the fact that as Townsville has been selected as the base for Adani management, the application form asks questions to allow Australian Defence Force personnel to be singled out from other applicants. This suggests a preference for ADF people to be selected for jobs over others. There could be many reasons for this, especially when you consider Townsville is an army hot spot.

Your location and your application

Where you live could also single you out for progression of your application because there are 4 questions targeting the postcode of your current location as well as asking which postcode you would prefer to live in. This suggests Adani are surveying the volume of applicants from different areas in Australia in the hope to establish a FIFO hub, or again, to give preference to those who live close to the mine. Given the distance of the Galilee Basin is some 360km from the coast, there will be an airport built to accommodate the FIFO workforce.

The usual application questions gather more information on your gender, age, education, job status, occupation and mining experience. Together, these questions form the basis of your personal profile, which Adani and its recruiters will start to use to build a foundation of data on those who wish to work at Carmichael mine or on the construction side of the project.

Interested applicants are encouraged to complete the initial survey application. From here on it, you could expect to be contacted via email when jobs fitting your skills and experience are advertised.

The official website for job opportunities for the Carmichael project will be via the uWorkIn portal.

Click here to go to the Adani jobs website here

This will be the single point of contact for Adani, as well as the suppliers and contractors who will be able to connect with regional Queensland workers.

Learn more about the Adani Carmichael coal mine project here.


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