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$35.8 million bauxite mine – more Queensland jobs in mining

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$35.8 million metal project in Far North Queensland

Work is starting on a Brisbane exploration company’s $35.8 million metal project in Far North Queensland and it’s estimated that more than 300 Queensland mining jobs could be created.

Metro Mining will commence construction of the Bauxite Hills Mine, 95km north of Weipa as early as July 2017.

The project needs around 75 construction workers and an additional  254 operational staff when the mine is fully operational. It’s expected that mining operations and the first shipment will be scheduled for April 2018.

As usual, the online jobs board SEEK will be where you’ll find most of the jobs advertised. In fact the first jobs are already hitting the board. As the project progresses, other jobs at the Bauxite Hills Mine are expected to be listed on Seek: jobs in mining resources energy

Metro Mining, who are looking to gain recognition in the mining sector released a study confirming the Bauxite Hill mine could become one of the largest independent mining operations in the North Queensland, Weipa bauxite region.

The study indicates the bauxite mine could have a shelf life of 17 years, with reserves of some 92 million tonnes (Mt) and resources of 145Mt

The basic infrastructure including an airstrip, haul roads, on-site camp and port location are locked in already.

Metro managing director Simon Finnis said, “Once approvals are finalised we plan to commence mining at 2Mtpa increasing to 6Mtpa over the first four years”.

“Whilst the study has been completed for steady state production of 6Mtpa, environmental approvals should allow production of up to 10Mtpa. Metro Mining will continue to evaluate the benefits of increasing production as the project moved through the pre-development and operational phases. The study estimates life-of-mine revenue of $5.7 billion and life-of-mine earnings before interest tax depreciation and amortisation of $2.5bn,”ť Finnis says.

The mine development hopes to take advantage of the forecast for Chinese imports of Bauxite to increase from around 52 million tonnes in 2016, of which 21.3 million tonnes came from Australia, to 136 million tonnes in 2026. The CM Group report states growth forecasts are being driven by continuing demand from China`s primary aluminium sector and a lack of bauxite within China.

Metro has secured an agreement with China’s Xinfa Group for 7Mt of bauxite to be delivered over the initial four years of mining.

There is also the possibility to extend the bauxite mine through conversion of the existing Bauxite Hills resources to reserves.

As per normal mining procedures, contractors will be used for a significant amount of Metro`s planned mining operations.

Do your Metro Mining research

One of the proven ways to get a job in the mines is to do exhaustive research on the mining project, the company and the contractors. This information will help you decide whether a job with Metro Mining has the opportunities you are looking for. It’s easy to be attracted to the allure of good money and long term job prospects, yet you must do your due diligence before making a decision.

Here are some facts about Metro Mining

Metro Mining Limited is an Australian exploration and mining company based in Brisbane, Queensland. The company owns one of the largest independent projects within the internationally acclaimed Weipa Bauxite Region.

Metros flagship project, the Bauxite Hills Mine, is located 95 kilometres north of Weipa.

In December 2016,  following the takeover of Gulf Alumina Ltd, Metro Mining expanded the Bauxite Hills Mine by combining the adjoining Skardon River Bauxite Project.

Metro`s total tenement package in the Weipa region now covers 2,505 square kilometres.

The Bauxite Hills Mine has an estimated Direct Shipping Ore (DSO) Reserve of 96.5 million tonnes. Mine construction is planned to commence in Q2 2017.

  • The company is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX). This means their financial reporting is freely available online. You can learn a lot about the prospects of the company just by reading their interim reports.
  • Find out more about Metro Mining on their website www.metromining.com.au
  • Look for jobs on: SEEK Metro Mining
  • Email on: info@metromining.com.au
  • Phone: +61 7 3009 8000
  • Head office:Level 2 | 247 Adelaide Street, Brisbane QLD 4000

Coal mining projects – Metro Mining

Metro Mining also holds one of Australia`s largest thermal coal resources in Queensland`s Surat Basin.

See more details here on Metro Mining coal mining opportunities in the Surat Basin.


Mining jobs with no experience

Job enquiries should be emailed to Rob Mulholland at rmulholland@metromining.com.au

Mining jobs in the Weipa and Surat Basin region could be set to boom once again, opening up employment opportunities for those who have always wanted to get into the mines, but had no idea where to start.

Follow these simple steps to create your future in the mining sector.

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Learn more about the Bowen Basin mining location.

The Bowen Basin contains the largest coal reserves in Australia. This major coal producing region contains one of the world’s largest deposits of bituminous coal.

The Basin contains much of the known Permian coal resources in Queensland including virtually all of the known mineable prime coking coal. It was named for the Bowen River, itself named after Queensland’s first Governor, Sir George Bowen.

The Bowen Basin covers an area of over 60,000 square kilometres in Central Queensland running from Collinsville to Theodore and is dotted with many coal mines operated by multiple mining companies.

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Caterpillar Haul truck 793

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Resources and Infrastructure Industry (RII)

Commonly refered to as Black Coal Competency (BCC), the RII competency is one that can be attained by an operator who has previously worked in the industry and has completed a number of operating hours on various types of machinery.

RII competency is granted to prove correct and safe operation of mine site machinery. It is a very useful qualification to have, as it confirms the operator has the required experience and expertise.

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