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2000 mining jobs in the Bowen Basin

More than 2,000 jobs will be created through Anglo American`s $2.7 billion growth plan which will see the development of two new underground coal mines at their Grosvenor and Moranbah South leases, located in central Queensland.

Chief Executive Cynthia Carroll on her recent visit to Moranbah announced the plan and focused on providing miners with accommodation choices and spoke of a preference for community based miners over fly in fly out arrangements

Anglo is aiming to build more than 50 houses and units in an effort to increase community-based miner numbers in Moranbah.

2000 mining jobs in the Bowen Basin

Carroll announced the plan which will provide $20 million in infrastructure for Moranbah as well as 2000 mining jobs.

“We are committed to providing our employees with a choice of accommodation options that best suit their personal circumstances, including permanent housing in the Moranbah community,” she said.

“We currently offer $65,000 cash incentives to existing employees wishing to build or buy in Moranbah and surrounding areas.

“We really support having our employees living around our operations,” Carroll stated.

The miner also announced funding for training facilities, educational programs, cultural facilities, and accommodation and public multi-use buildings.

Also operating in the area is Anglo American`s Moranbah North, an operational site covering about 100 square kilometres and employing some 650 people. The company created a new suburb in Moranbah to house its workforce. In fact, the majority of employees of Moranbah North reside in the Grosvenor Housing Estate at Moranbah, a `purpose built` mining town, which was established in 1971 and currently has a population of more than 8,000 people.

Moranbah North is located in the northern part of the Bowen Basin in Central Queensland, 15 kilometres north of Moranbah township and 150 kilometres south west of Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal at Hay Point. It is about a two-hour drive from the coastal city of Mackay.


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    My husband and i are very interested i working in the mining industry. My husband has the a Cert IV in Occupational Health and Safety, Generic Induction to Mining coal/Metalifferous, a current first aid certificate and a construction industry white card. i have qualification in the tourism/ accommodation industry, many years in the accounts & administration area and have a Bachelor of Arts degree. We are both adventurous and adaptable to change, love meeting people and willing to learn. We would be open to any position. Regards Cherylynne & Ian.

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