Where to find mining jobs online

Where can I find mining jobs online?

Where are the best mining jobs advertised online?

How easy is it to search for jobs on the top 5 jobs boards?

Fewermining jobs are being advertised in newspapers these days – digital job advertisements have transformed the employment marketplace.

For many people who are comfortable using the internet, it’s relatively easy to find mining jobs online. Technology allows searching for mining jobs on the bus, having a coffee and even on an aeroplane.

Gone are the days when newspapers were the sole source of job hunting. The process was long and searching through ads, circling the ones we were interested in, then going about applying for the job, was a chore

Many people still find it difficult to make the shift from looking for jobs in newspapers (which are becoming more and more scarce each month) to using the power of the internet to collect jobs that match their skill set.

Knowing which websites to go to is probably the biggest hurdlewhen searching for jobs online. Mining has changed and with that, so has the method of recruiting people to fill mining job vacancies.

In this short video, we overview the 5 most popular employment jobs boards to help people get an idea of where to look for jobs in the mining and resource sector. Of course many people may know about these websites, however, iMINCO gets asked the question:

“where can I find mining jobs online?”

In response to this question, this video will provide some answers.


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