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Wesfarmers Spends $70 Mil on Bowen Basin Lease

iMINCO Wesfarmers Spends $70 Mil on Bowen Basin LeaseWesfarmers is once again active in the Queensland coal-rich Bowen Basin as it sets its sights on acquiring a coal development licence worth $70 million.

See as a strategic move, the bid by Wesfarmers will see it boosting its total coal reserves by about 29 per cent.� The current licence is with Peabody Energy Corporation.

Wesfarmers has agreed to buy a�mineral development licence near its�its Curragh and Curragh North open-cut coal mines in Queensland’s Bowen basin, containing 67 million tonnes of coal reserves within a total coal resource of 255 million tonnes.

“extend the longevity of the Curragh mine by many years”

Wesfarmers made a statement to the press saying the purchase would significantly boost the total coal reserves available for mining and processing at its Curragh’s coal handling and preparation plants. This availability of this new location and subsequent coal deposit would potentially extend the longevity of the Curragh mine by many years.

Wesfarmers Resources managing director Stewart Butel said the acqusition reflected Wesfarmers’ confidence in the longer-term otlook of Curragh’s export coal business. During the three months to December 2013, the Curragh mine produced 2.94-million tonnes of coal, including two-million tonnes of metallurgical coal and 912 000 tonnes of steaming coal. Productivity has also increased at the mine some 3.9 per cent.

“job seekers should have this mine on their radar”

Completion of the deal is expected to occur within the next two weeks with further work being required to convert the licence to a Bowen Basin mining lease. Recent news reported that Thiess won a $570 Million Curragh mine contract. This is an indication that things are one the move and job seekers should have this mine on their radar.

Where is the Curragh Coal Mine?

Curragh is a residential coal mine located close to Blackwater and about two hours west of Rockhampton. It covers an area of roughly 12,600 hectares in the Bowen Basin.

Curragh is one of Australia`s largest independent coal mines, producing almost 8.5 million tonnes of export metallurgical coal and 3 million tonnes of domestic steaming coal each year. Curragh has about 600 people employed in permanent mining jobs as well as a contingent of additional contractors.

“good news for coal mining jobs in the Bowen Basin”

This is good news for coal mining jobs in the Bowen Basin, which employs a huge workforce, including thousands of indirect support services jobs by way of contractors and suppliers.

Bowen Basin mining jobs at Wesfarmers Curragh mine

Mining jobs in the Bowen Basin seem to be continually advertised on the major mining jobs boards. Job opportunities range from entry-level to management and specialist roles.

For people looking for mining job opportunities on the back of this news, here are some suggestions on where to start.

  • Go to www.wesresources.com.au/careers and discover what Wesfarmers offer in terms of employment in the mines. This website is packed with all the information you need to start your mining career in the Bowen Basin with Wesfarmers.
  • Go to : www.wesresources.com.au/about-us/our-mining-operations/curragh/working-curragh-and-living-blackwater
    Here you will be able to watch informative videos on what it’s like to live and work in the Bowen Basin. It includes interviews with mining employees, coal operations and a detailed view of Bowen Basin mine life at Curragh and highlights of living in the Blackwater area.
  • Wesfarmers also have opportunities for women, they run an apprenticeship program as well as a graduates program. For people looking for short term vacational work, it seems this is also available. Everything is contained on the Wesfarmers, Bowen Basin section of their website.
  • One of the best ways to keep up to date with mining job opportunities in the Bowen Basin with Wesfarmers is to sign up for mining ‘Job Alerts’. Wesfarmers encourage people to prepare themselves accordingly and be ready to submit their resume and application letter at short notice.
  • Be prepared for Wesfarmers mining jobs by having a professional mining resume prepared for you. Many people write their own resume; and there is nothing wrong with doing this especially when you have read the iMINCO guide to creating a resume. One other point to mention is “resume scanning software”. Before you submit any application for a job with Wesfarmers, read this article on “How to get your resume past scanning software“. You’ll never look at your resume the same way again.
  • Once you have a good resume, it’s time to think about the interview and how you will handle the questions that will be asked of you. If you’re not comfortable with interviews (and let’s face it – who is), then you might like to read the iMINCO Interview Tips e-book.
  • The Curragh coal mine is in the Bowen Basin and therefore mine workers, no matter what their job description are required to complete a safety training and mining induction course before they can be allowed on a mine site. This is a Queensland government initiative to educate employees and contractors on the harards and risk associated with working in a mining environment. The course is held in most major centers in Australia and can be completed in 2 days (with� pre-reading assessment to be completed by students). Find out more information about the Mining Induction course. For people who are already employed in the industry or perhaps their mining induction (Standard 11) has expired within a few months, they can undertake a Mining Induction Refresher course.
  • Prior to starting work in a coal mining environment in most states in Austraia, especially the Bowen Basin in Queensland, employees are required to take a medical examination to determine their fitness. This is commonly known as a Coal Board Medical. The medical exam can be arranged by your doctor or via a Coal Board Medical referrer such as a Registered Training Organisation.
  • See a range of mining courses you can do to� up-skill yourself and prepare for a long-term career in the Bowen Basin.
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