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WA jobs boost – Rio Tinto $10 million contract

iMINCO WA Jobs Boosted - Rio Tinto $10 million contractRio Tinto, one of the giants in Australian mining has awarded civil and mining contractor Brierty a $10 million contract.

The civil works will be carried out at the Rio Tinto operated West Angelas iron-ore mine in Western Australia.

Established in 1981, Brierty is an experienced civil construction and mining contractor. As a multi-disciplined company, Brierty has a solid history in providing service in urban infrastructure development, mining and civil construction.

Brierty and its joint venture partner Karlayura Construction Services have been tasked with constructing about 11 kilometres of access roads to the West Angelas mine. The scope of work includes an upgrade to existing paving along the primary access road, as well as constructing village and airport access roads. There will also be new access roads built to allow greater and more efficient access to the mine site.

It’s expected the project will take about 8 months to complete, with work to start immediately.

Rio Tinto WA expansions get government approval

In March 2014, Rio’s�West Angelas mine expansion was approved by the Western Australian government. The Rio Pilbara expansion project was valued at around $880-million. This expansion plan allows for the West Angelas mine to lift the iron ore production from 29-million tonnes a year to 35-million tonnes a year.

As with any expansion plan, the benefits to Western Australia are many, including the�number of new WA jobs the project will create. Over 290 new mining jobs will be created during construction, while the ongoing operational workforce would grow by around 200, to a total of 1300 workers.

As far as the future of the mine goes, the expansion will mean the mine life� will be increased by approximately 13 years.

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