Thiess Mining Jobs

Thiess Mining Jobs

Thiess mining jobs. Picture of a dump truck on a mine site - iMINCO

Australia`s leading contract coal miner Thiess has been awarded a $2.3 billion contract to extend mining operations at Jellinbah Group`s Lake Vermont coal mine in Queensland`s resource-rich Bowen Basin.

The new six year agreement will significantly expand current coal mining operations and ramp up production from four million tonnes to eight million tonnes of coal per annum. The new contract continues Thiess’ responsibility for mine operations and maintenance in the Bowen Basin.

Thiess believes it’s their people who have made them one of the largest construction, mining and services contractors across Australia and international markets. They are committed to developing a diverse workforce that represents the communities in which they operate. A mining career with Thiess means access to a diverse range of mining projects, excellent career opportunities and the support you need to reach your full potential when working in the mining industry.

People seeking a job with Thiess can start looking here: careers and mine jobs

Student Opportunities:  Many students are looking to complement theory-based studies with practical on the job experience.

Whether it`s about getting mining project experience or picking up a thesis topic, students with a focus on a career in mining will benefit from exposure to real-world challenges and finding innovative solutions in the mining and resource sector.

It`s also worth noting that each year a number of students who have successfully completed vacation work placements with Thiess have also been offered places in their annual graduate program. So, if you`re interested in a mining career with Thiess, vacation work is often a really great way to get started: vacation programs in mining

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