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Skills vacuum could halt mining projects

Skills shortages in Australia are once again being highlighted by yet another organisation. This time the Australian Mines and Metals Association has added its voice to the growing chorus, saying skills shortages could suffocate new resource projects across the nation.

Association director Minna Knight says all levels of government must dramatically ramp up training and other workforce initiatives to address the worsening crises. Demand for resource construction jobs will reach 40,000 later this year, reaching 60,000 two years after that.

With resource projects worth $236 billion underway across Australia, and a further $191 billion awaiting final approval, Ms Knight warned some projects would not reach fruition unless the labour crisis was addressed.

Need to identify mining training and recruitment hubs

Part of the answer is identifying prospective mining training and recruitment hubs. Given the Gold Coast is an attractive place to live and has a high unemployment rate Ms Knight identified the city as a good location to become a FIFO hub.

Even for those with no particular interest in mining, opportunities in civil construction will be more available. The vacuum left by more experienced operators securing mining jobs will have to be filled, which means greater chances for those just starting out.


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