Queensland Mining Jobs

Queensland Mining Jobs

iMINCO Mining News - Uranium mining jobs Queensland - Uranium exploration creates new mine jobs for Mt.Isa

Queensland Uranium mining project could create 100’s of mining jobs
The QLD government on Monday announced it would allow restart of uranium mining, convening a 3-member implementation committee to oversee the process. The committee reports to the Australian government within three months. Perth-based uranium mining company Paladin Energy said its Valhalla deposit, North of Mount Isa, is one of the largest undeveloped deposits in Australia and would support a uranium mine with an estimated operating life of 20 years.

The mine is expected to create around 800 uranium mining jobs in the construction phase, approximately 300-400 full-time mine jobs. When you factor in the four-to-one multiplier for the whole region, around 2,000 people would benefit from the uranium mine project.

Australian Minister for Mines Andrew Cripps said over 80 drilling and mining exploration companies have been active in Queensland whist the uranium mining ban has been in place. He also went on to say no changes to legislation were needed in Queensland and existing workplace health and safety and federal environmental laws will apply to any mining applications.

Australia has two ports from which uranium is exported. Darwin is one and the other uranium export port is in South Australia. It’s envisaged the uranium mining operations around Mount Isa and in the north-west could utilise any of the ports for export operations.

More mining jobs for Queenslanders

The green light for uranium mining in Mt.Isa will mean more jobs in the mines for Queenslanders. A spokesperson for the Canadian uranium exploration company which has uranium tenements in the region John Mickel said a mine would generate hundreds of mining jobs and opens up the prospect for… 750 workers in the north-west of Queensaland to gain employment during the construction phase, and 300 mining jobs would be created during the mining operation itself.

Drilling results from the Laramide Resources Westmoreland project, indicates uranium deposits just only 30 to 60 metres below the surface with expectations of 51 million pounds of uranium at its Westmoreland tenements that could sustain a uranium open cut mining operation.

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Queensland Mining Jobs

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