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Balla Balla Forge Resources

Forge Resources Limited (FRG). Western Australian Pillbara mining keeps bucking the trend in terms of mining opportunities with a recent announcement that Forge Resources has been given environmental approval for its $1.3 billion Balla Balla Vanadium, Titanium and Magnetite iron ore ship loading facility, creating more Pilbara mining jobs.

The resource was previously held by mining company Atlas Iron and is is located half way between Port Hedland and Anketell.

Western Australia’s Environmental Protection Authority has given the go ahead for Forge Resources to build and operate the greenfields export facility at Balla Balla, midway between Port Hedland and Karratha.

The new facility has expectation of an annual export capacity of some 6 million tonnes of iron ore magnetite concentrate a year from the Balla Balla mine site, with an estimated reserve of 450 million tonnes. Iron ore will be transferred by barges to larger Cape-size ocean going vessels (OGV) waiting approximately 20km off the coast. There will be a small stockyard and jetty-based loader operation, transferring magnetite from stockpiles to self-propelled barges

There is a strict conditions placed on the project citing humpback whales and dugongs in the immediate vicinity of the project are to be strictly protected. Additional environmental factors must be considered including the impact to nearby mangroves and algal mats.

EPA chairman Paul Vogel said those concerns could be managed with conditions.

Owing to the major mining companies like Rio Tinto, Fortescue Metals Group and BHP tying up the majority of the available port space, some Pilbara junior iron ore miners have been forced to explore small-scale port operations along the Pilbara coast to remain viable in their operations. It’s one thing to find an rich iron ore deposit, it’s another to get it across vast distances and on to ships ready for export.

In March, Forge Resources (ASX:FRG) managing director Matthew James said the trans-shipping option required far lower start-up investment.

Shallow barges meant no dredging would be needed at the harbour end, and portside berth costs would be lower than at a deepwater port, he said.

“It’s something that’s totally within our control,” he said.

About Forge Resources Limited

Pilbara mining jobs opportunities. The mining company was established in 2009 as a resource exploration company. Its primary goal is to build a resource company at a time when the global demand for resources and energy is high. In December 2011 Forge bought the advanced Balla Balla vanadium, titanium and magnetite project in Western Australia from Atlas Iron for $39.5 million. It is focused on developing a customer base in China and says the market is looking good for profitable exports.

Forge continues to develop it’s Eucla West heavy mineral sands project as well as being active in its NSW base metals / gold prospective projects. Future projects look promising as Forge pushes forward to acquire or participate in further mining and resource projects in Australia and overseas.

  • Exploration at the Fraser Ranges West Eucla tenement has revealed the presence of iron ore deposits, with further drilling expected
  • An alliance with Ironbark Zinc has indicated several zones of mineralisation at the Jerangle Prospect.

Mining Jobs With Forge Resources

There is a potential for this project to generate a lot of mining jobs, that will of course be preceded by the employment of a construction workforce to develop the resource infrastructure, as well as the development of the Balla Balla export facility. People with experience in marine civil construction projects will be in demand, as well as qualified tradespeople who have experience in formwork, concreting, building, engineering and earthworks.

Now is the perfect time to get your mining resume up to date and make sure you have your qualifications current. If you are currently working in the civil construction industry and you are thinking of applying for Pilbara mining jobs, the Balla Balla project could be for you.

Contact the mining company on (02) 9259 4400 for more information on how to submit your resume, or email them at [email protected]

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