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Mining jobs on SEEK – still plenty of online jobs being advertised

Just because the mining news is not as ‘in-your-face’ as it was 2-3 years ago, does not mean there is not much activity and opportuity.

Mining was always in the news when iron ore prices were sky-high owing to China’s gluttony to feed their homeland development projects. This created an unnatural jobs boom that literally turned Australia on its head. Thousands flocked to Western Australia in search of their fortunes in iron ore mines, leaving massive voids in traditional employment sectors such as retail, hospitality and construction.

Mining jobs shock

Since China decided to take its foot off the pedal and cut back its imports of Australian iron ore, things have remained flat in the mining sector. Thousands of workers were no longer needed as cash prices for iron ore plummeted from $380 to $45 a tonne. This sent shock waves through out the country, making us all stand up and take notice of just how fickle the resource sector is in Australia.

Mining jobs kick-start in 2017

That was then; and over the past year, we’ve seen indicators that mining in Australia is once again on the upward cycle. Not as it was in the heady days of ‘jobs for anyone who could stand up straight’, rather a renewed confidence has filtered right across the sector. This has been kick started by a rising price of iron ore and renewed demand for high-quality Australian thermal and coking coal, which has been traditionally exported to Asia and afar.

“renewed demand for high-quality coal”

A good indicator that mining in Australia is once again a good bet for secure employment is the number of jobs advertised on the bigger jobs boards such as SEEK.

Mining jobs growth inevitable

Given the upsurge in the mining sector, it’s not surprising to learn that the volume of mining jobs being advertised in Australia continues to be greater than what were advertised in 2016. This is according to the SEEK online jobs website, where literally thousands of jobs are listed every week.

At a national level, the mining, resources and energy industry jobs growth remained strong on Seek in February, up 66 percent year-on-year.

“60% more mining jobs advertised in 2017 than last year”

In Western Australia and Queensland where mining means big business, mining and resource sector job ads on Seek were 57 and 69 percent higher in February this year (2017).

In high demand were mining engineers and mining operators; and according to Seek, there are more than 500 WA mining job opportunities for mining engineers alone. So if you’re a mining engineer looking for work, Western Australia is the place to send your resume.

SEEK job ads volume on the rise

Seek managing director Michael Ilczynski said, “A sustained hiring trend we`re seeing at present, is a demand for multi-skilled mining professionals that also possess `softer skills`, such as team leadership and communication. Hirers are looking for people that fulfil duties beyond the specific job requirements,” Ilczynski said.

Despite the volume of jobs ads improving again, Seek reported that Australia was still a hirer`s market with a “higher than average number of candidates” applying for the positions.

Find mining jobs with no experience?

Many people ask us how to get a mining job with no experience? Honestly, it really depends on your experience, work history, skills, qualifications/ tickets and also whether you have the right attitude.

There could be a lot of opportunity for new starters to get a foot-in-the-door, so even if you have never worked in the mining industry, with the right mix of certification, experience and ability “ you could score a mining job anywhere in Australia. The biggest tip we can give you is to learn as much about the mining industry as you can, then get the right training to make you more appealing to employers.

Safety counts in the mines – so be ready to invest in yourself because WHS is a big focus for mining companies. They want to employ safety-conscious workers who understand a safe working environment is the responsibility of every employee.

It’s fair to say, you won’t be allowed on a mine site (in Queensland at least), is you don’t have an up-to-date Queensland safety qualification called the Standard 11. Find out more about how this mining-focused safety training course can really help your mining career.

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