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Oil, gas and mining jobs in NT on the radar

Mining Jobs in NT - iMINCOMore mining jobs in the Northern Territory took one step closer to being a reality as Blue-energy Limited acquires exploration permits in NT for unexplored mining sites with the potential to unlock billions of dollars in resources.

Recent studies show enormous potential to tap into highly quality resources.

With three of the nine applications accepted for the Wiso Basin already, a surge of mining jobs in NT could be on the way, with employees being sourced for oil and gas roles.

According to a recent press release, Brisbane-based Blue Energy Limited is making moves to acquire the exploration permits in the Northern Territory. So far three of the nine applications have been accepted for the Wiso Basin, which is located around 500 kilometres north-west of Alice Springs. The proposed size of exploration into the Wiso Basin amasses an enormous 112,000 square kilometres, or in simple terms……roughly the same area of England!

Oil and gas companies all over the world are currently on the hunt for unexplored mining sites and acreage in older basins that haven’t been looked at before, therefore Blue Energy’s move to secure this acreage position could prove a highly lucrative move for the company.

Blue Energy’s Chairman, Mr John Ellice-Flint explains, “securing such a large dominant basin acreage position at this early stage of exploration in the Wiso Basin positions the company ideally to take advantage of the high demand by global energy players by unconventional hydrocarbon acreage.”

He explains the shallow nature of the source rock sequence in the Wiso Basin would still be in the liquids maturation window and therefore would not incur deep drilling costs such as other shale targets in the world.

He also noted the widening attention by large mining companies including Statoil, Santos, Central Petroleum, Total, Pangea and Armour Energy all with adjacent active acreage to Blue Energy’s new Wiso Basin permits and the widening interest in these NT sedimentary basins.

The future economic development of NT and this Northern Australian region is expected to be given a significant boost by this type of discovery of local energy sources, which means future jobs in the NT and an injection into the Australian economy.

This entry by Blue Energy into the NT oil and gas space with such a colossal acreage is a timely boost to the companies already significant license areas in QLD, derisking the portfolio through expansion into such a promising NT area.

NT mining jobs or Coal Seam Gas jobs in Queensland

The sizeable and premier location that Blue Energy Limited is currently exploring† is certainly a major leap towards solidifying its vision to become one of Australia’s leading CSG and production companies; with an aim to build a 3P reserve base of 3,000 PJ’s by the end of 2014.

If you’re looking for NT mining jobs or Coal Seam Gas jobs in Queensland then Blue Energy is a company worth watching very closely.

Blue Energy† is one of Australia’s leading energy exploration companies with over 110,000 km≤ (net) under license or application in† both QLD and the NT.† Blue Energy has exposure to exploration acreage in all the major onshore hydrocarbon producing basins in Queensland, including the premier Cooper/Eromanga, Surat, and Bowen Basins.

The portfolio also includes significant basin positions in the emerging frontier areas of the Georgina, Maryborough, Galilee and Wiso Basins and is certainly solidifying their position in the resources sector of Australia for the future.

“What we’re looking at in the Wiso Basin and the Georgina Basin, the McArthur Basin … they are all very old Proterozoic basins and Cambrian basins,” says Blue Energy Limited CEO John Philips.”

Philip† explains in further detail that these types of ancient foundations are all providing data that shows there`s potential for a highly productive and easily accessible bed of resources. It`s the easy access that makes the Wison Basin such an attractive investment. The sedimentary formations are shallow, which means tapping them will be both easier and cheaper when compared to the cost of deep drilling targets.

Why do we share these types of company movements with you?

NT mining jobs could be a place to be training for now – so you’re ready for the next wave of CSG mining jobs – or gas and oil jobs in the mines.

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