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Mining Induction

Why Is Mining Induction So Important?

Mining InductionMining induction is a pre-requisite for almost all employment within Australia`s mining industry, and particularly on site.� Because mining companies invest a great deal of time and money in their operations, they want to ensure that each one runs as smoothly as possible.� That means emphasising safety as well as productivity.

Training courses that teach workers about the OHS best practices required in the industry are, therefore, extremely important to the industry as a whole.� By its nature, working in the mines is dangerous.� The companies know this and, particularly in Australia, they have taken a number of measures to help improve safety conditions for all employees.

Australia has been on the cutting edge of technology and many of its technological innovations have been geared toward making the mining process safer.� Another major step that the industry has taken is offering mining induction courses to train all current and prospective employees in the proper health and safety practices.� This is reflected in the considerable number of institutions throughout the country currently offering training in all aspects of mine operations.

The result is some of the most thorough and comprehensive training available in any profession today. �Individuals taking these courses will learn everything from how to handle themselves in both an open-cut or underground mine site to how to communicate properly with other parts of the operation to providing first aid to coworkers in the case of an emergency.

It is not surprising, then, that mining induction is given such a high priority by the various companies.� Completing this kind of training is one of the best ways to help yourself gain “clean skin”� work if you are new to the mines, but it is important for current employees as well, which is why regular retraining is also encouraged.

So what makes this kind of training so important to mining companies?� The simple fact is that most mining operations are profit driven, and only productive mines can be sure to turn a profit.� In order to ensure productivity, a company must maintain strict safety measures.� Companies strive for a clean record, free from any significant accidents or incidents.

By participating in mining induction, employees guarantee that they are doing their part to help maintain a safe and productive workplace.� With everyone doing their job accurately and safely, the overall process can run more smoothly, which ultimately results in better profits for everyone involved.� The more you can do to help this process along as an employee, the better off you`ll be.

Working in the mines can be an exciting and enriching prospect, but only if it is done properly.� A safe mine is a productive mine, so companies put extra emphasis on getting the proper health and safety training.� In a field as dangerous as this, putting safety first is essential for everyone`s good.iminco logo

Mining Induction