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Hancock Coal Is Tapping Into Global Energy Needs

Hancock CoalHancock coal has seen its role in the Australian mining industry expanding over the last few decades.� With the ongoing push for sustainable energy and the increased demand for coal fired power, that ever expanding niche has exploded recently.� As the need for more natural resources opens up, Australian companies are answering the call.

Tapping into Australia`s rich mineral deposits is hardly anything new.� The first organised prospecting began in the late 1800`s and it continued to develop during the next century.� In 1952, Lang Hancock discovered a vein of iron ore and secured the prospecting rights to it.� That was the birth of the company that would come to bear his name and which remains one of the premiere mining companies in all of Australia.

Twenty years later, in the 1970`s, the company began expanding its reach and branched into coal mining.� Soon Hancock coal had taken root in the Galilee Basin of Queensland, where it continues to explore to this day.� With rail and shipping lines opening up the Eastern section of Australia, the Galilee Basin took on even more prominence on the world stage as a provider of energy resources.

The latest development in the company`s coal division is the Alpha Coal Project which, under the guidance of Gina Reinhart,�is set to culminate in the opening of one of the largest open-cut coal mines in the world.� Enabling miners to tap into the region`s massive stores of coal, the project has global ramifications, as it will become one of the biggest exporters and could change the face of the sustainable energy movement.

Of course, Hancock coal is prepared to put all of its considerable resources into making this particular mining operation successful, and that means hiring the necessary personnel for both open-cut mining and potential underground drilling as well.� The energy needs of the world are not going to diminish, so that increased demand will need to be met in the coming years.

Fortunately, the open-cut operation alone has a projected life span of at least 30 years.� And this represents just a fraction of the overall resources to be found in the Galilee Basin region of Queensland.� There are four main thermal coal seams here with additional potential for the creation of both liquid and gas products to supplement the solid coal.

The result is one of the riches sources of natural energy to be found on the planet and, as usual, Hancock coal is right there in the thick of research, development and mining operations.� The company is committed to making this division as successful as its parent company has been and it promises to hold all of its facilities and employees to the same high standards.

Coal represents hope for a cleaner, more liveable environment and Australia is at the forefront of the global push that is tapping into this rich resource.� All of this means not only improvement in the environment but also continued opportunities for employment as the mining industry expands its role as the backbone of the country`s economy.iminco logo

Hancock Coal