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GVK Hancock – Galilee Basin Mining Jobs

GVK Hancock - Galilee Basin Mining Jobs iMINCOGVK Power & Infrastructure Ltd has received Federal approval for the Abbot Point Port Capital Dredging project, which opens up the way for more Galilee Basin mining jobs.

This latest development finalises EIS approvals for work to start on developing the huge Galilee Basin coal assets and associated mine and transport infrastructure.

The�Hyderabad based diversified infrastructure company having now received approval from the Federal Government is a huge milestone towards the development of the GVK Hancock Terminal 3 port facilities. The approval also give the much awaited green light for GVK Hancock to open up the Galilee basin coal assets which include the Alpha, Alpha west and Kevin`s Corner.

The Chairman of GVK Power, said in a brief statement, “We welcome this Federal Ministerial approval which will help protect the environment whilst creating QLD jobs in mining and bring economic investment to the State.”

Finalising the last of the GVK Hancock environmental approvals represents the end of more than seven years of a rigorous environmental assessment process.

The company has raised the bar on environmental assessments and management by participating in a voluntary Cumulative Impact Assessment for Abbot Point. This approval takes the GVK Hancock project into the final stage of development.

According to GVK Hancock, the government sign-off now allows the mining of billions of tonnes of high quality, low sulphur, low ash and cleaner burning coal. The coal will eventually be shipped from Abbot Point by way of a new rail line,� for consumption in the Indian and Asian markets.

plans to invest around $10 billion into the Galilee Basin

GVK bought the Queensland coal mines for $1.26 billion and has plans to invest around $10 billion in mine and rail infrastructure development. With an estimated 8 billion tonnes of coal reserves, the Galilee Basin has expectations of being one of the largest coal mining operations in the world when completed.

GVK Hancock also appointed Thiess as mine operations contractor for the Alpha project and will work with Thiess to develop a 10-year mine plan after they jointly signed an Early Services Agreement.

And this represents just a fraction of the overall coal resources in the Galilee Basin region of Queensland.� There are four main thermal coal seams waiting to be accessed, with additional potential for the creation of both liquid and gas products to supplement the coal mining activity.

State government estimates�15,000 mining jobs for Queensland

Queensland Premier Campbell Newman was quoted as saying that coal mining in the resource-rich Galilee Basin may be worth $60 billion to the state and could generate 15,000 QLD mining jobs.

Newman went on to say that the development of the Galilee Basin is a high priority for his government. Along with other high-ranking government officials, Newman travelled to India a few months back to meet with Indian government and power company officials.

Galilee Basin mining jobs are on the horizon

It’s no secret that the Indian government are finding it difficult to source a regular supply of high quality thermal coal to feed the hundreds of power stations struggling to keep up with the needs of the rapidly expanding population.

This being the case, Queensland has vast deposits of coal and India wants it. The intersection of these two facts can only mean one thing – Galilee Basin mining jobs are on the horizon.

Where is the Galilee Basin situated?

The Galilee Basin is in Queensland, located west of the Surat Basin and forms part of the Great Artesian Basin. It is enormous in size and covers an approximate area of 247,000 square kilometres.

Communities close to the proposed mines include Alpha and Jericho. The basin extends north past Hughenden, south to Charleville and west beyond Winton to Middleton.

Huge low-sulphur thermal coal deposits are found in the basin. It has been largely unexploited, mainly because of its remote location and difficult access.

The GVK Hancock Galilee Basin mining project involves constructing 100″�s of kilometres of rail network to transport high quality thermal coal to the ship loading terminals at Abbot Point.

GVK Hancock mining operations

  • The Alpha Project
    The Alpha Coal Project is a thermal coal deposit within the Galilee Basin, Queensland. Massive resources of thermal coal estimated at�1.821 billion tonnes are waiting to be mined. The open-cut mining operation has an expected mine life of more than 30 years.
  • Kevin`s Corner
    The GVK Kevin’s Corner Coal Project is another thermal coal deposit within the Galilee Basin. This deposit also contains enormous coal resources estimated to be somewhere in the region of 473 million tonnes and will comprise open-cut and underground mining operations.
  • Alpha West
    The Alpha West thermal coal deposit is estimated to be in the region of 1.8 billion tonnes and lies to the west of the GVK Hancock Coal Alpha thermal coal mine. Owning to the depth of the coal seam, underground longwall mining of the Alpha West thermal coal deposit is expected.
  • Rail and Port Infrastructure
    Hancock Coal Infrastructure is developing� a new port terminal and connecting railway line at Abbot Point coal port to connect to the Alpha, Kevin’s Corner and Alpha West mines. A new proposed coal terminal, Terminal 3 will be developed handle around 60 million tonnes of coal per year.

    It’s anticipated the terminal will include construction of� jetty and wharf facilities as well as fast in-loading and fast out-loading infrastructure, complete with an extra capacity for up to 2 million tonnes of coal to be stockpiled in purpose built yards.

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