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FIFO mining jobs – a reference guide

iMINCO FIFO Mining Jobs - A Reference GuideThe Australian mining industry has been developing over the years by extracting coal and iron ore from remote mining locations.

A new breed of miner has evolved, the FIFO (fly-in, fly-out) mine worker, which has created a new set of challenges for mining companies.

For many years now the mining industry in Australia has created thousands of FIFO mining jobs which relied heavily on skilled Fly-In, Fly-Out or Drive-In, Drive-Out employees as a significant component of the mining workforce.

Since many mining sites are located in extremely remote areas, these skilled workers are forced to work rosters that require them to continuously spend several weeks away from family.

“advantages for both mining companies and employees”

While there are obvious advantages for both mining companies and employees with FIFO/DIDO work arrangements, it is no secret that long-distance commuting produces a number of challenges for many employees when it comes to managing personal relationships. Many marriages suffer, children can feel neglected, and the lifestyle can easily wear employees out.

“an increase in shortages of skilled workers”

As a result, there is an increase in shortages of skilled workers within the mining and resources sector. These skilled workers are trading in the lucrative FIFO job arrangements for family-friendly opportunities closer to home.

However, there are still many individuals looking to kick-start their career in the mines and are quite happy to get into FIFO/DIDO mining jobs.

The Queensland Resources Council (QRC) has recognised these trends, and with the help of Research Fellow, Paul Rogers, and Social Enterprise Senior Advisor, Mary Anne Barclay, a “Reference Guide for FIFO/DIDO Workers” has been released.

This FIFO/DIDO Guide incorporates an analysis of existing research as well as interviews with HR professionals and representatives of FIFO family support organisations.

“providing assistance to commuting workers”

It also contains a list of useful organisations providing assistance to commuting workers. Essentially, the Reference Guide forms the basis for an induction tool to be used by HR professionals across the mining industry.

As with all of life`s challenges, sometimes the key to overcoming them is to be informed and aware of the many support avenues that are available.

For those in the FIFO/DIDO or long-distance commute workforce, whether it be in the mining industry or not, this FIFO mining jobs Reference Guide provides valuable information to enable mine workers and their families to adapt and flourish within the FIFO/DIDO job lifestyle.

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