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$6.4 Billion Galilee Basin Mine Approval

iMINCO Clive Palmer $6.4 Billion Gaillee Basin Mine ApprovalClive Palmer’s Waratah Coal has welcomed the Federal Government’s environmental approval of what could be Australia’s biggest coal mine.

The coal mining operation in Queensland’s Galilee Basin is expected to produce 40 million tonnes of coal per annum and create almost 6000 Galilee Basin mining jobs.

The project involves building a huge 450km standard gauge, heavy haul railway line which will connect the $6.4 billion thermal coal mine to a storage terminal complete with state of the art coal loading facilities at Abbot Point near Bowen.

Overall, the mining operations will comprise of:

  • 4 x underground coal mines
  • 2 x open-cut coal mines

Clive Palmer is the man behind the development of the mine, although� the government have approved the project which has been put forward by Waratah Coal and Waratah Coal [www.waratahcoal.com] is a subsidiary of Mineralogy [www.mineralogy.com.au], of which Clive Palmer is a director.

The company’s managing director Nui Harris made a statement outlining the mining job opportunities that the China First mine would create. The project will be thousands of mining jobs to the region and stimulate local communities once again.

“The reality is the project will create jobs to a total of about 6,000 jobs in the mines – being the mine, the rail and the port,” Mr Harris said. It’s expected 3500 jobs in construction will be created and when the mine is fully operational and over 2300 permanent Galilee Basin mining jobs during the production life-cycle of the mine.

The government has placed 49 conditions to ensure protection of sensitive wilderness areas during the construction and operation of the Galilee Basin mine.

Who are Waratah Coal?

Waratah Coal holds extensive exploration permits for coal and exploration permits for minerals within the rich mineral basins of Laura, Bowen, Galilee, Styx’s, Surat, Moreton, Maryborough, Nymbodia and Northern Territory.

Where is the Galilee Basin

Galilee Basin, 30 km north of Alpha and about 450 km west of Rockhampton, Queensland

Galilee Basin Jobs

You might think mining jobs in the Galilee Basin are a long way off, given the mine has only just been given official government approval. Exploration work has been going on in the basin for some time to establish the size of the coal deposit.

Teams of engineers, surveyors, geologists, mine planners and drilling teams have traversed the basin, pinpointing the exact location of the coal seams.

From here on in, Waratah Coal will be moving forward, planning the next phase of the development, which is the perfect time for people looking for a career in the mines to rethink their training and skills development options.

There are some mining courses you can do in a few weeks. These will give you the essential qualifications mining companies like Waratah Coal are looking for.

This new mine will create jobs across many different skill-sets, from machinery operators, train drivers, processing and plant operators and office and administration staff.

Preparing for a mining job in the Galilee Basin

These following courses and actions are recommended for people who are new to the mining industry and wish to learn more about how to get a job in the mines.

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