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Diamond Demand Means Rio Tinto Jobs

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Safety is a high priority in this industry. This job requires you to have a heightened sense of awareness and also appreciate the importance of safety in the workplace.

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rio tinto jobsMining giant Rio Tinto has billions invested in almost every resource imaginable across the globe. Diamonds are no exception - precious pink and colourful diamonds, well those are their crown jewels.

As  one of the world`s largest diamond mining companies, Rio Tinto is taking strategic action to position itself to meet the ever-increasing demand for diamonds.

The company is expected to source most of these diamonds from its Argyle mine in Western Australia. Since this mine became operational in 1983, it has produced more than 750 million carats of rough diamonds and hence bringing about more than US$6 billion in revenues.

Diamond trends are shifting; moving away from traditional clear sparkly gems to the coloured variety - and to meet these current demands, Rio has hand-picked 100 gem enthusiasts in Hong Kong, who will be given the privilege (for the first time  in 30 years) to view the Argyle diamonds exhibit”” three colourful precious rocks, which includes the famed 1.56-carat Argyle Phoenix.

If you have been searching for Rio Tinto jobs especially in underground mining, this is good news because Rio Tinto is in the process of progressing into underground mining, to meet the ever-increasing demand for its highly sought-after and very unique diamond collections.

Rio Tinto`s chief executive in charge of diamonds and minerals division, Alan Davies, projects that the demand for diamonds in China will significantly increase over the next decade.

According to consulting firm Bain & Co, China is the world`s second largest importer of diamonds. For Rio Tinto’s Argyle diamond mine, this means a lucrative and expanding trade for the next decade at least, and with it – Rio Tinto jobs.

Currently, Rio offers hundreds of underground mining jobs to Australians, in order to ensure that the company has enough diamond supplies to feed the Chinese market. Rio Tinto jobs are not only limited to Australia but also to several other parts of the world.

Rio Tinto Jobs

Rio Tinto jobs are certainly competitive and with HR managers receiving thousands of applications daily, landing yourself an interview can be extremely tough ““ unless you have insights into what Rio Tinto are searching for in terms of qualifications, experience and mindset.

“are you ready and equipped with the right safety knowledge?”¯

With Rio Tinto`s jobs ramping up we suggest you firstly invest in the right training courses. There is no better way to land yourself a job with Rio Tinto than to show a hiring manager that you are ready and equipped with the right safety knowledge and trained in specific mine site technologies and procedures! It makes their job so much easier when they can pick from applicants who meet the requirements.

Here`s how to go about getting a job at Rio Tinto

Step 1 – Research the types of mining training courses on offer and the various courses you should take to ensure you are safety trained and mine ready. Investing in reputable mining training stands out on your resume and sets you apart from the hundreds”¦hang on thousands of other applicants.

Step 2 – Invest in an amazing mining resume to give you a competitive advantage when applying for jobs at Rio Tinto (for a limited time you can have your resume appraised for no cost).

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