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Cat Mining Trucks 785D - New Off-Highway Trucks

Caterpillar 785D Haul Truck Overview

The Caterpillar 785 Haul Truck, Dump Truck or off-road truck as they are called in the U.S. are still used across the world in open-cut mining operations. This huge truck has proven it’s worth for many years and has often been the entry-level truck for new operators.

Progressing when competent, operators move up to the larger CAT 793 and CAT 797 truck, giving them the confidence and ability to handle larger load capacities on a range of challenging mine sites.

One of the biggest advantages you can get if you are looking to learn how to drive these big machines is to get to know the finer details. To get started, download the Caterpillar 785 manual here.


Cat 785D Haul truck in cab view


  • Power Train – Engine

  • Power Train – Transmission
  • Engine/Power Train Integration
  • Cat Brake System
  • Truck Body System

  • Cat mining machines and systems: Safety is priority one


A variety of features improve sustainability in areas of decreasing waste, extending component life and lowering emissions levels.

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