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Cat Mining Trucks 793D - New Off-Highway Trucks

Caterpillar 793D Haul Truck Overview

The Caterpillar 793D is a big machine, one of the biggest you’ll find on a mine site. These trucks are huge and are used all across the world in above ground, open cut mining. They carry a huge amount of earth, coal, rock, approximately 218.0 tonnes – so operating a CAT 793D takes a lot of experience.

These trucks are all left hand drive, so in Australia for instance, it not only takes some getting used to driving one (which is like driving a small apartment block down the road), operators here must get used to maneuvering on the opposite side of the vehicle. With a top speed of just under 55kmph, these trucks don’t like anything to be in their way.

CAT 793D specs

  • Engine Model – Cat 3516B HD EUI
  • Gross Power – SAE J1995 1801.0 kW

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  • 6-speed, Automatic Power Shift
  • Body-up Shift Inhibitor
  • Controlled Throttle Shifting
  • Directional Shift Management
  • Electronic Control and Downshift Inhibitor
  • Lock-up Torque Converter
  • Neutral Coast Inhibitor
  • Neutral Start Switch, Reverse Shift Inhibitor
  • Programmable Top Gear
  • Reverse Neutralizer during Dumping

Weights – Approximate

  • Gross Machine Operating Weight (GMW) 383749.0 kg
  • Chassis Weight 116707.0 kg
  • Body Weight Range 21 795 – 54 431 kg / 48,050 – 120,000 lb

Operating Specifications

  • Nominal Payload Capacity 218.0 tonnes
  • Top Speed – Loaded 54.3 km/h

Benefits and Features:

Power Train – Engine

  • The Cat 3516B High Displacement engine is built for power, reliability and efficiency for superior performance in the toughest applications

Cooling and Onboard Management Systems

  • The new modular higher density cooling system with larger fans is hydraulically driven for more efficient cooling with lower fuel consumption and noise levels
  • Optional oil renewal system extends engine oil change intervals from 500 hours to 4,000 hours or more to increase machine availability and reduces costs.
  • Computerized system electronically protects the engine during cold starts, high altitude operation, air filter plugging, and high exhaust temperature.
  • Five configurations are performance matched to meet specific applications and conditions.

Truck Body Systems

  • Cat designed and built for rugged performance and reliability in the toughest mining applications


  • Less time spent on maintenance means more time on the haul roads in some of the world’s biggest mines.

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