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Australian Mining Sets Sights on India For More Coal Exports

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You may have heard it all before. The problems Adani have experienced with the Queensland government to get their Carmichael Mine approved has caused a lot of controversy over the future of coal mining in this country.

Despite the long haul there is finally movement at the Adani Galilee Basin site and we’re seeing more jobs Advertised on SEEK these days. These jobs are mainly for engineers, planners  and rail line specialists. Building the rail infrastructure is a massive undertaking; and the first steps to seeing the mine developed.

Chinese demand slows – India looking strong.

A recent Sydney Morning Herald article reports that the current government is set to target India’s booming electricity market with Australian coal exports.
Resources Minister Matthew Canavan jets off to Calcutta to get in front of Indian officials to sell them billions of dollars in thermal coal. He’s even sitting down for some local cuisine with executives from Adani. Whether Mr. Gutam Adani himself will be there, remains to be seen.

4000 new mining jobs

If Canavan is successful, it could mean 4000 new mining jobs, with some $3.4 billion in revenue if India orders as much coal as China used to.

India needs to help it’s millions of impoverished citizens by providing energy to lift them out of poverty. A 2018 household survey  revealed in three years, electricity supply to households increased from 12 to 16 hours a day. As India is the fastest growing major economy in the world, this is set to remain a trend until 2023 or thereabouts.

Since 2000, more than 500 million Indian citizens managed to  get electricity in their homes; however,a whopping 168 million (almost seven times the population of Australia) still have no access to electricity at all.

Indians need coal. Australia has coal – and lots of it. In spite of the environmental concerns, coal is a major source of energy worldwide. India wants it – now!

Indian coal power plants have about another two decades of life remaining.

three or four new Adani Carmichael–sized coal mines

“If we could lift our thermal coal exports to India to the same market share we currently have with China – to just under 25 per cent of their imports – we could export an additional 37 million tonnes of high energy, low ash thermal coal,” Senator Canavan said.

“That is the equivalent of three or four new Adani Carmichael–sized coal mines. If this investment occurred in the Galilee Basin, it would open up a new, sustainably-sized coal basin in Queensland.”

More activity in the Galilee Basin

If you think Adani is the only company circling to extract thermal coal from the Galilee Basin – think again. Indian conglomerate GVK Hancock (Gine Rinehart) has floated a further $16.8 billion investment in the area. Considering the Adani offering is just $2 billion, GVK are set to explode onto the scene. If you’re thinking coal mining in Queensland is dead – this is a strong indicator, things will be moving ahead fast.

More mining jobs for Queensland are on the cards; for all levels of mine workers. Whether you’re an experienced dump truck operator, or a new starter looking for entry-level mining jobs… be prepared for a mini boom.

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