Adani Carmichael mine railway line gets govt approval

Adani Carmichael mine railway line gets govt approval

$2.2 billion Adani Carmichael mine rail link approved

The proposed Adani Carmichael coal mine, set to transform the Galilee Basin landscape, took another step closer to being a reality. The federal government approved the development of the railway line to link the remote mine site with Abbot Point.

The staggering $16 billion Carmichael mine project has been under the microscope of green groups as well as the local and federal government for many years. The 310 kilometre railway development, or the North Galilee Basin Rail project (NGBR), was approved by Federal Environment Minister Greg Hunt.

“Adani is well placed to progress its long term future with Queensland”

Welcoming the rail project approval, Adani Mining CEO and Country Head Jeyakumar Janakaraj said, “Today’s approval is a significant milestone in the life of our (Adani) integrated mine, rail and port project, helping transition from approvals to the build phase, (India Times).

The Adani CEO went on to say the long term mining future with Queensland will mean more than 10,000 jobs, and contribute $22 billion in taxes and royalties to the state.

The proposed rail link will transport over 60 million tonnes of coal a year when the mine is in full swing. Not only will the rail line connect to the Carmichael mine when it is finally built, it will also tap into existing Bowen Basin rail infrastructure to create one massive private network.

$2.2 billion rail contract

Korean engineering firm Posco were awarded the $2.2 billion rail construction contract, which will create 2000 jobs in the construction phase and about 370 permanent jobs once the rail line and mine are built.

As with most mining infrastructure developments, there have been strict environmental conditions set in place . . .some 23 in fact. Not everyone is happy about the development of the rail network, as farmers and conservationists state their case for the rail link and mine not going ahead.

Adani has fought long and hard to get the Carmichael mine off the drawing board and into some form of physical action plan. With local coal workers being forced to consider alternative work as coal prices erode workforce numbers, the Adani Galilee Basin coal mine development needs to keep momentum.

Thousands of full-time mining jobs at Adani Carmichael mine

Thousands of full-time mining jobs are on the cards, in fact some 4000 permanent jobs have been rumoured once the mine starts its first production which is expected to be around 2017.

The Carmichael mine is still some way off, however we know this is a major project for Queensland. The coal from this mine is not going to China, it will head to India to supply the fuel for the country’s hungry power stations.

Preparing for a new wave of Queensland mining jobs

It’s estimated that coal provides over 40 percent of the world’s electricity and the predictions are that it will overtake oil as the largest source of primary energy. The demand for thermal coal, as found in the Galilee Basin, is forecast to rise substantially over the next few decades, with Asia alone needing an extra 46 million tonnes per year of imported coal. With those types of figures, it’s clearthat a career in mining seems like a good option.

There will be permanent mine jobs for many, many years at the Carmichael mine. Now is the perfect time to start seriously thinking about a career in the coal mining industry in Queensland. Adani is a progressive Indian company that has already invested billions into the project by awarding contracts as well as purchasing its own infrastructure.

“large FIFO workforce”

There will be many jobs for machinery operators, mine workers, operational and support staff. Given the remote location of the Galilee Basin, there will be a large FIFO workforce, with purpose-built accommodation and amenities blocks. Armies of chef’s, kitchen hands, cleaners and hospitality attendants will be needed.

“earn a good income”

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