WA mining jobs created by $125 contract RCR Tomlinson

$125 million contract will create WA mining jobs

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WA mining jobsThree major mining contracts have been awarded by Glencore Xstrata, Newcrest Mining and Rio Tinto to�mining services company RCR Tomlinson, which will mean WA mining jobs.

The value of these contracts is quite significant at about $125 million.

It’s always a pleasure for iMINCO to report good news in the mining industry, especially when it means there’s opportunities coming up�for people who are searching to get into the mines.

The news of the contracts awarded to RCR Tomlinson should send a signal to people who are still considering a job in the mining industry, especially those who are searching for a FIFO mining job, that there are mining companies who are pouring billions of dollars into new projects as well as upgrading existing mines.

Opportunities are everywhere, whether you are a new starter searching to start a new career and are searching for entry-level mining jobs such as cleaning and hospitality, or maybe you are a tradesperson searching to move across to the mining sector – this is the perfect time to do so.

Work is expected to kick off straight away, with Glencore Xstrata’s Ernest Henry mine expansion being the main benefactor. The $70 million contract covering�electrical and instrumentation, mechanical, piping networks.

Underground mining operations also feature heavily in the contract with the installation of infrastructure to manage new crushing and materials-handling plant and equipment.

RCR Tomlinson has also been successful in winning the contract for work on an extension to�Newcrest’s Cadia Valley existing underground mine at� operations, including the West Crusher of Panel Cave 2.

RCR Tomlinson wins multiple mining services contracts in WA

Not resting on its laurels,� RCR Tomlinson has also beat other mining services companies to win its first iron ore in-pit crushing and conveying (IPCC) plant design and construct award.

This particular project means RCR will supply the sizing plant for Rio Tinto’s mine at Pannawonica in WA, the MESA J operation . The contract allows for the design, supply, manufacture, pre-assembly and site installation of the plant.

It’s expected the operation will have a minimum production capacity of 12 mtpa with expectations of a completion date somewhere around March 2015.

RCR’s CEO Paul Dalgleish said the award for the in-pit ore sizing plant at Rio’s Mesa J operations is a strong indication of it’s keen and measured investment in IPCC solutions.

Looking for WA jobs in mining?

The RCR Tomlinson website is your first stop when searching to find the new jobs that will be created because of this huge contract. Their website is www.rcrtomlinson.com.au. Visit their careers page first,�and you will find a few mining related jobs there.

Their current workforce is capable of providing services to the mining industry across a diverse range of skills. This includes people with trade certifications, technical degrees, and business and professional qualifications. They have a strong focus on investing in�their people, providing opportunities for development through their graduate programs, apprenticeships, traineeships and ongoing training.

As an equal opportunity employer, RCR also works towards developing and supporting indigenous employment opportunities, and encourages applicants from diverse backgrounds to apply for any job vacancies that may exist.

They have facilities in Perth, Bunbury, and Geraldton in Western Australia, Wacol in Queensland, Berkeley Vale in New South Wales, and Adelaide in South Australia.

Contact�RCR Tomlinson on: (08) 9355 8100 for more information on applying for WA jobs, or jobs in any other state.

Contact Industry Pathways on [email protected] for information on what mining courses you can complete to make yourself more employable.

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Reference: WA Mining Jobs in construction and plant operation | Glencore Xstrata, Rio Tinto and Newcrest Mining awards RCR Tomlinson $125 million WA contracts

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