Mining Supervisor Course G1, G8, G9 (formerly S1,2,3)

Mining Supervisor Course G1, G8, G9 (formerly S1,2,3)

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Become a supervisor in the mines

This comprehensive Mine Supervisor course will up-skill you and help to broaden your appeal to mining companies and mining recruiters Australia-wide.

The mining supervisor course (also known as S1, S2, S3) is one of the best improvements you can make in you career; and the good news is you could have this qualification on your resume within a few days.

It’s not difficult to get this qualification, so why would you not give yourself the opportunity to move up into a supervisors role?

This Supervisor course will give you the knowledge and confidence you need to make a significant contribution to your workplace.

As a Supervisor, you’ll be seen as a trusted manager or team leader. Your mining company employer will have confidence in your ability to lead and manage a team without the need for further direction of intervention on their behalf.

The Supervisor course is made up of 3 units

  • RIIRIS301D - Apply risk management processes
  • RIICOM301D - Communicate information
  • RIIWHS301D- Conduct safety and health investigations

What you will learn

  • How become an expert communicator.
  • How to get the most from your team by gaining their respect.
  • Show you how to question, listen and be more assertive in your new role.
  • Teach you a framework for managing workplace conflict.
  • Give you ideas and procedures to follow when problem solving and decision making working with teams.
  • Provide you with significant opportunity for further professional development.
  • Allow you to support site leadership direction in mining performance.
  • Increase your earning potential.
  • Educate you in the latest WHS practices.
  • Allow you to provide leadership direction to a production team, above or underground.
  • Allow you to work above or underground as a supervisor.
  • Teach you zero-harm leadership.
  • Provide you with a continuous career improvement pathway

If you have the knowledge gained through experience working with teams in a safety-aware environment, this courses is for you.

Course outcomes

  • Open up even further career advancement opportunities.
  • Create your own opportunities to earn a fatter pay packet.
  • Become a leader or WHS Officer in the mining and resource sector; and
  • Gain a thorough understanding of the Queensland Government Mining and Quarrying Safety and Health Act and Regulation and Coal Mining Safety and Health Act and Regulation.

Complete this course online (or face-to-face) - start today!

You complete this course online at your own pace, or complete it in a classroom environment in Brisbane. You will take away your very own workbook as well as additional notes which you can refer to once you are back at work.

The learning is not complicated and you will have a variety of course notes and workbooks to reference as you complete the training. Help is always on hand via the online training system, or by telephone support.

As a fully qualified supervisor, you will be required to perform such tasks as;

  • Overseeing the safety of all the workers within the mine site operations.
  • Be aware of all WHS policies and procedures.
  • Planning daily production targets for a mine whilst ensuring equipment and supplies are always available when needed.
  • Facilitating effective working relationships with operational, technical and maintenance crews.
  • Developing orientation programs to train new and existing mine workers.
  • Rostering and scheduling work shift. Facilitating briefing sessions to address changes in company policies and procedures.
  • Ensuring all safety measures, guidelines and regulations are being diligently followed.
  • Ensuring all risk assessments are being carried out to the policy of the company.
  • Reporting any breaches of safety or identifying hazards to the mine site managers.
  • Implement a safety plan and handle the emergency safely, quickly and effectively.
  • Working with employees to handle their personal and work related issues; and
  • Ensure that your team are able to work in safe environments without additional stress or duress.

Upon successful completion of this Supervisors course it will allow you to undertake the role of and perform the duties and position requirements of a Mine Safety and Health Representative as detailed in the Coal Mining Safety & Health Act.

The units of competency are;

  • G1 - RIIRIS301D - Apply Risk Management Processes
  • G8 - RIIWHS301D - Conduct safety and Health Investigations
  • G9 - RIICOM301D - Communicate Information

The training and assessment is designed to help existing workplace supervisors, union representatives, safety committee members, assistant safety officers and other staff who identify and manage workplace health and safety hazards.

There is a practical sign-off required for competency in this course. You will be provided with a comprehensive workbook you can use at your work site and have it signed off by your manager.

RIIRIS301D Apply Risk Management Processes (G1)

Covering the application of risk management processes in resources and infrastructure industries.

This unit is focused on:

  • identification of on-site hazards
  • assessing and identifying unacceptable risk
  • identifying and recommending treatments
  • contributing to the implementation of treatments; and
  • reviewing safety system documentation

RIIWHS301D Conduct safety and health investigations (G8)

Conducting safety and health investigations in the resources and infrastructure industries.

This unit is focused on:

  • determining the investigation objectives
  • information gathering
  • evaluating the information
  • identifying appropriate courses of action;and
  • preparation and presentation of reports pertinent to the investigation

RIICOM301D Communicate Information (G9)

In this unit you will learn effective communication of information in the resource industry.

This unit is focused on:

  • verbal and written communication
  • achieving outcomes of meetings
  • preparation and delivery of presentations; and
  • effective negotiation

Course Content:

Identify and explain WHS legislative requirements;

  • Application of the processes and tasks to conduct WH&S inspections and to identify, analyse, assess risks, recommend treatment, contribute to implementation of treatments and to monitor risks;
  • Preparation, testing and documentation of site working instructions or equivalent;
  • Application of safety and health investigative processes at the operational level, including the identification and collection of evidence, the analysis of evidence to identify the reasons for and results of the occurrence or situations;
  • Identification and documentation of courses of action to resolve and/or prevent re-occurrence of the issues or problems;
  • Effectively communicate information with other persons in the mining industry; verbally and in writing. This includes report form, participating in meetings, making presentations and participating in operational level negotiations.

Course Outcomes:

Statement of Attainment

Upon completion, participants will be able to:

  • Conduct inspections.
  • Understand risk management concepts and be able to perform risk assessments in accordance with the hierarchy or control.
  • Develop site working instructions.
  • Identification and documentation of courses of action to resolve and/or prevent re-occurrence of the issues or problems.
  • Conduct incident investigations; and
  • Understand appropriate methods of communication.


This supervisor course can be completed in a few days in a face-to-face classroom (3 days) environment. The training is held in Brisbane.

Distance Learning/Online

The Mining Supervisor course can also be completed online.

Undertaking this program by distance learning has its advantages "“ you can start any time you like and there is full online support via the online system and telephone support if required.


Cost: $670
Combo: $990 (G2 Risk Assessment + Supervisor) Save $175.
Call (07) 5520 2522 for details.
Duration: face-to-face classroom 3 Days

After you fill out the form, a training coordinator will contact you.

Secure your future in mining and the resource sector.

iMINCO Mining Information for Mining Supervisors

As iMINCO is an information provider and not an RTO, we utilise the extensive training and industry experience of PARASOL (NPN: 2551).

Reference: Mining Supervisors Course G1, G8, G9 (formerly S1,2,3) | Online training course for people looking to work as a safety supervisor in the mining industry in Australia


  1. Stephen Geissmann July 2, 2015 Reply

    Hi ,
    I’m currently seeking advice on advancing my chances on employment at carmichael mine .My current cv tickets are licensed builder
    •licensed builder
    •Trade certificate carpenter and joiner
    •senior first aid
    •advanced first aid
    •dogman ticket
    •working at heights
    Im enrolled to do my cert 3 in rigging in a months time .This will give me tickets as
    •basic rigger
    •Intermediate rigger
    •C6 crane 35 tonnne and down crane operator
    •Confined spaces
    •Elevated work platform
    Everything there high risk
    What can i do to get a start in the mine. Pleasegive me guidelines to work to as im trying my absolute best and will continue to do so

    Thank you,

    Stephen Geissmann

    • John July 6, 2015

      Hi Stephen,
      You have a good chance because you have a lot of good tickets to your name. At the moment there is some controversy over the Adani Carmichael mine progress because of the long lead time to get the formal approvals in place. Adani has been up against some fierce petitions to stop the mine going ahead, despite some contracts already being awarded.
      Keep monitoring the mine’s development here on

      Cheers John

      r.e. Can I get a job at Adani Carmichael mine?

      iMINCO Mining Information

  2. Jose De La Vara April 16, 2015 Reply

    I’m a building supervisor with 2 years experience in Australia and 10 years experience in Europe, and I need to know if this ticket it will help me to improve in my career. Thank you.

    • John April 27, 2015

      Hi Jose, thanks for your question. Absolutely, no matter which industry you are working in, the more qualifications you have on your resume, the better it is. The Risk Assessment course is also aligned with the construction industry as it the Supervisor course G1, G8 and G9.

      Call the training office of the people who deliver this online course. Industry Pathways are on the Gold Coast – (07) 5520 2522, although this course is online so you can do it anywhere. We have heard a lot of people can complete this courses in a day. .. and with your experience, it sounds like you could be another one.

      Best of luck in the future too

      iMINCO Mining Information
      r.e. can the Risk Assessment course help me improve my career?

  3. Mohan Singh May 21, 2012 Reply

    I have completed a Certificate II in Metalliferous Mining Operations (Open Cut) MNM20105 Can you please advise me what further course do I have to do to get a job in the mining industry for example as a kitchen hand or whatever as starters.

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