RIIMPO308D Conduct Tracked Dozer Operations Training

dozer training courses Brisbane RIIMPO308D Conduct Tracked Dozer Operations

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RIIMPO308D – Conduct Tracked Dozer Operations
Nationally Recognised training

Whether you’re looking to learn a new skill, or upgrading your current machinery tickets – dozer operators are always in demand.

Multi-skilled operators are choosing to add the RIIMPO308D Conduct Tracked Dozer Operations qualification to their resumes.

When you have this qualification it means you will be capable of meeting the training and assessment standards for the purposes of national certification on this machinery.

This course has been developed for the absolute beginner as well as operators of similar mining and civil earthworking machines. Enrolling in this course provides you with the opportunity to gain the exact skills and knowledge required to operate a dozer on a coal or metalliferous mine site, quarry or civil construction site.

When you think of earthmoving equipment, one of the first images that comes to mind is one of an enormous dozer, working its way through a huge pile of dirt, coal or rock. However, in the extraction and construction industries there is a need for smaller bulldozers that are more maneouverable for smaller projects. You’ll see these dozers working away on mine sites and well as civil construction projects such as infrastructure and housing developments.

What you’ll learn in this course

  • Planning the work around the unique working conditions
  • Using the controls and operating systems to safely manage the operation of the dozer
  • Locating the load and identifying the load characteristics
  • Safely moving the load
  • Monitoring the controls
  • Stopping, shutting down and securing the equipment after the completion of operation

Duration: Approx. 5 days or less
Price: Call for details

What to bring

  • Water bottle
  • Hi-vis shirt with tape
  • Long pants
  • Steel-capped boots (minimum 170mm high)
  • Hard hat
  • Riggers gloves

(Please let us know if you require any PPE)

Please note: Basic English, reading and writing skills are necessary due to safety requirements on civil and mine sites. You may not be accepted at the course if you struggle with these basic skills.