RIIMPO206B Conduct Bulk Water Truck Operations

iMINCO- bulk water truck training course mining

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Machinery operators in the mining and construction sector are often required to operate a number of vehicles. They are typically referred to as Multi-skilled operators. Visit any online jobs board and you will often see ads for this type of role.

As the industry shift gears into one where multi-skilled operators are given preference over those people who hold on one or two Nationally Recognised qualifications, now is the perfect time to consider adding a water truck RII qualification to your skillset.

Bulk water trucks are an absolutely essential part of mining operations. They are required on every site for compaction, dust control, fire-prevention and protection.

Water trucks are purpose-built vehicles for the transport and distribution of water on mine sites and are available in a variety of diesel-mechanical, diesel-electric, rigid or articulated vehicles.

This qualification is suited to those currently working or wish to find work in mobile plant operator roles within;

  • Open-cut coal mining
  • Extractive industries, such as quarries
  • Metalliferous mining, gold, zinc etc

This course delivers theory and practical training on the operations of a water truck on Australian coal, metalliferous and extractive mine or quarry sites.

You will learn;

  • How to plan and prepare for water truck operations
    Understanding what’s required, work permit requirements, risk assessment, determining the correct PPE and preparing for emergencies.
  • How to safely operate the truck
    This covers pre-start, start-up, park-up, shutdown, and secure equipment procedures, working with others on site, being aware of changing work conditions, calculating tolerances and speed, monitoring hazards to protect personal safety as well as that of others working in the area.
  • The process for loading hauling and distributing water
    Correct positioning at load and discharge/distribution points, water cart load limitations on site, efficient water discharge and monitoring and completing work plans within operating requirements.

    Carrying out machine operator maintenance
    Preparing your machine for maintenance by conducting inspection and fault finding, carry out scheduled maintenance tasks, return the water truck to service and keep a maintenance log

  • Conducting housekeeping activities
    Keeping the work area clear and maintain a safe working environment, dispose of or recycle materials, hazard management, reporting and record keeping.

The RIIMPO206B- Conduct Bulk Water Truck Operations course, once completed can help you get a job in the extractive industries.

This Nationally Recognised course has been designed in consultation with mining companies to make you ‘mine ready’ in every sense.

About the course

You will receive a workbook which contains all of the learning materials. As for the driving part of the course, participants enjoy the benefits of operating a water truck with other plant and machinery operating nearby. This creates a realistic experience  and reinforces the requirement for strict safety and compliance when operating vehicles on large, open plan sites.


  • As long as you can read and write basic English, you’ll have no trouble with the theory aspect of this course
  • This is a physical job, so you’re expected to have a reasonable level health and fitness


There are two areas of this course that need to be passed, Performance and Knowledge. Assessments are simply a way of making sure you understand what you’ve learned, the reason why you learned it and how to apply this knowledge when on site. The learning materials you receive, combined with face-to-face classroom and trainer time are all you need to be successfully assessed as competent.

  • Written Assessment (Knowledge) – to determine understanding
  • Practical Assessment (Performance) – to determine competency

Course outcome

Once successfully completed the course you will be issued with a Statement of Attainment RIIMPO206D – Conduct bulk water truck operations

Course outcome

Once completed, you are issued with a Statement of Attainment RIIMPO206D – Conduct bulk water truck operations.