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RIIRIS301d Apply Risk Management Processes

RIIRIS301D Apply Risk Management Processes in a Mining Environment

Online Course

Enrolling in the G1 RIIRIS301D Apply Risk Management Processes will help you take your mining career one step further.

This course is an ‘online version’ that allows you to complete it at your own pace. You will be given a secure log-in to access the course material. During the course you will also have access to a trainer who can answer some of your questions, should the need arise. This type of training is perfect for busy people who already work in the mining sector because of the easy of access to training materials.

One of the other benefits is this level of training offers participants the ability to show their employees they possess the awareness and knowledge to apply what has been learned in the workplace. With such a heavy focus on safety, being able to assess and manage risk in the workplace is rapidly becoming on of the key priorities on all mining companies.
G1 - RIIRIS301D Apply Risk Management Processes iMINCO

G1 – RIIRIS301D Apply Risk Management Processes

This training course covers the application, processes and tasks  associated with conducting inspections with a view to identifying, analysing and assessing risks. You will also learn how to administer the recommend treatment, contribute to implementation of treatments and to monitor risk in the workplace.

The G1 RIIRIS301D also involves the practice of participation in the preparation, testing and documentation of safe working instructions to personnel.

This core unit is focused on:

  • identification of on-site hazards
  • assessing and identifying unacceptable risk
  • identifying and recommending treatments
  • contributing to the implementation of treatments; and
  • reviewing safety system documentation

This is an online course and can be completed on a PC, Mac, tablet (iPAD – Android) or any smartphone that has a reasonably sized screen. Undertaking this program online has its advantages – you can start any time you like and there is full online support via the online system and telephone support if required.


Cost: $250

Course Type: Online

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