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The Experts Guide To Landing Entry Level Mining Jobs

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Everyone wants a mining job.. why?.. because the money is good, new jobs are being created every day and the opportunities are immense.

Chasing the big money in Australian mining and getting into the mines for a couple of years, making your money and getting out, is pretty popular with thousands of Australians, however, entry-level mining jobs are fiercely competitive. That’s why you need to know your stuff.

This being the case – iMINCO wrote an eBook to show you exactly ow to go about finding and applying for entry-level jobs in the mines.

In 2017, mining is back on the upward trend, with huge new thermal coal mines (Adani Carmichael mine) opening up in Queensland and iron ore mines in Western Australia’s Pilbara.

Don’t miss out on this next wave of mining jobs.

The eBook is packed full of information and tips, ranging from searching for entry level mining jobs to applying and making a winning impression at the job interview.

It discusses the challenges, opportunities and solutions to finding the best mining jobs, even if you don’t have previous experience in the Australian mining industry.

Although the industry has changed dramatically, there are still good opportunities to get into the mines, make some good money and make good connections to move into other areas of mining such as haul truck operator, process operator and even a Supervisor, with the right training.

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