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Dump Trucks

Dump Truck Operator Jobs in the mines.

There’s hundreds of dump truck operator jobs advertised online again. This year, we’ve seen a rise in the number of mining jobs for haul truck/dump truck operators and multi-skilled operators.

Yes there’s plenty of operator jobs for experienced operators, but being an inexperienced dump truck operator also has its advantages; and at times, mining contractors and employers will advertise for ‘new operators’ by way of a trainee scheme.

Dump Truck Operator jobs are always advertised in open-cut coal mines from the Bowen Basin in Queensland, to the harsh and remote iron ore mines in Western Australia’s Pilbara region.

If you’re completely new to this type of work and you’re thinking about what a great job it would be to get away from it all, make new mates and just get out there and get the job done – here’s your chance to do something about it.

Get the right training and be confident knowing you can drive a truck and also know  where to look for the jobs and how to get experience.

Caterpillar trucks are the most popular

Caterpillar dump trucks are the most popular dump truck being used in the mines.

Our recent data shows around 50% of jobs advertised for dump truck operators ask for experience driving CAT, followed by Komatsu, TEREX etc.

Dump truck course

Does a dump truck operator qualification help?

The truth is YES. Without the dump truck qualification, you’re chances of scoring a good job in the mines  as a dump truck driver are pretty slim. Safety is also one of the the biggest priorities for mining companies when they hire operators to drive these huge machines. By doing your dump training course, you’re learning on the big trucks and being taught about safety and awareness on site. These trucks are huge – and the ones you’ll be driving on a real mine site are the size of a small apartment block (and most of them are left hand drive too). There are always dump truck jobs advertised on the big online mining jobs boards like SEEK, Indeed and JORA; so start looking today.

Are all dump trucks the same?

Note really…there are different sizes, makes and models of dump trucks on a mine site; although they all function relatively the same way. As we said earlier, the most common dump trucks in Australia are Caterpillar, Terex, Hitachi, Liebherr and Komatsu.

Mechanical dump trucks

  • Caterpillar 773
  • Caterpillar 777
  • Caterpillar 785
  • Caterpillar 789
  • Caterpillar 793
  • Caterpillar 797

Electric dump trucks

  • Komatsu 830 electric drive
  • Komatsu 930E electric dump truck
  • Komatsu 730E electric dump truck
  • Terex MT3700
  • Terex 4400
  • Terex 5500
  • Terex 6300
  • Hitachi EH5000
  • Liebherr T284
You’ll also find mine sites such as Roy Hill in W.A. and Daunia in Queensland are choosing electric/hybrid trucks over the diesel-powered ones.

Who is hiring dump truck operators?

Here’s some of the companies and recruiters advertising dump truck production operator jobs in the mines;
  • Adaptive Resourcing Pty Ltd
  • Amalgam Recruitment
  • Black Wolf Consulting
  • Chandler Macleod Group
  • ChoiceOne
  • ConsMin
  • Corestaff Perth
  • Davidson Projects & Operations
  • Denison Gas
  • Findmea Pty Ltd
  • Fletcher Bros Solutions Pty Ltd
  • Global Product Search
  • GO2 Recruitment
  • Hays Resources & Mining
  • MACFORCE Australia Pty Ltd
  • Macmahon
  • MGC Solutions Pty Ltd
  • One Key Resources Pty Ltd
  • Premium Mechanical Group
  • Programmed Skilled Workforce
  • Randstad – Construction, Property & Engineering
  • Scotford Fennessy
  • Stellar Recruitment
  • Thiess Pty Ltd
  • Top Skill Pty Ltd
  • Trinity MSAS
  • Veolia Australia & New Zealand
  • Westgold Resources Limited
  • WorkPac – Biloela
  • WorkPac – Gladstone
  • WorkPac – Kalgoorlie
  • WorkPac – Mackay
  • WorkPac – Mackay Project Services
      us, and overtime pay) of AU$33.75 based on 24 salaries. You can see how this differs from the Indeed overview of $41.98.<.p> A recently new Dump Truck Operator with 1-4 years of experience earns an average total pay of AU$30.65 based on 73 salaries. A mid-experienced Dump Truck Driver with 5-9 years of proven operational work, can earn about AU$27.73 based on 34 salaries. An experienced Dump Truck Driver with 10-19+ years of experience earns an average total compensation of AU$25.72 based on 14 salaries. With so many different and conflicting reports, it’s difficult to know what the pay is for a Dump Truck Operator.

Blackwater, Queensland Dump Truck Salaries +40%

According to Payscale.com, Dump Truck Operators in the Queensland Bowen Basin are of Blackwater, earn an average of 39.7% more than the national average. Dump Truck Operators also get higher than average wages in Western Australia (26.6% more) and Kalgoorlie (17.0% more). The lowest salaries can be found in Melbourne, Victoria (19.6% less), Brisbane, Queensland (16.2% less) and Sydney, New South Wales (14.3% less).

SEEK mining job salaries for dump truck production operators

dump truck operator job salaries Queensland Australia - iMINCOdump truck operator job salaries Western Australia mining - iMINCOdump truck operator job salaries NSW coal mining - iMINCO Expert Guide Becoming a Dump Truck Driver! Click Here to download our Expert Guide Becoming a Dump Truck Driver Many mine sites run a variety of dump trucks. Some are new and some are older models, however, their basic operation remains the same and you can expect the majority of them to be left hand drive too. Safety is a primary focus for all dump truck operators, so it is important to have the correct certification before you set foot on a mine site.

iMINOC brochure haul truck course

Download an overview of the dump truck training course here. See what it’s all about.

What does it look like inside a dump truck?

If you know a little bit about the inside of a dump truck can and how to drive safely you will be well ahead of other candidates when you send in your resume for that all-important job. For new starters who don’t have much experience, this is where you can show an employer you may not have the driving experience, but you know the ins and outs of the machinery and have taken the time to study how everything works. That’s why you need to do some of your own research and find out all  you can about these massive machines. As part of your dump truck operator training course, you’ll be given access to a lot of reading material so you can prepare well in advance. You can also watch these Dump Truck Videos to watchto help you get familiar with the training.

How much is dump truck training?

These monster trucks are the workhorse of the mining industry.  The training you’ll be doing is well worth the investment because the machines you train on are worth more than a million dollars. When you’re in the cab and driving this huge piece of machinery around a mine site, you’ll realise it was money well spent – because once you’re in a mining job, there’s so many more opportunities to learn how to drive other vehicles such as roller, compactors, water trucks, excavators, dozers and scrapers. Not only will you be learning on the biggest training trucks in Australia, you’ll be operating machinery on a site working with other operators. When you consider your starting wage of around $100k+ is attainable, it is well worth investing the money to get the qualification.

Qualifications and tickets

  • Current Standard 11
  • Current Coal Board Medical (QLD)
  • RII competencies
  • Site inductions (BMA Core Induction)

Typical FIFO benefits associated with Dump Truck Operations

  • Camp and Meals
  • BIBO Camp to Site
  • Fantastic modern site with great facilities
  • 7/7 Roster – Straight Day/Night
  • 12 Hour Shifts
  • Super Paid on all Hours
  • Ongoing role for an Immediate Start
  • PPE uniforms supplied
  • Great rates of pay
  • Includes paid breaks
  • Weekly pay
  • Ongoing work with an industry leader
  • Steady/stable work – Permanent work after a short probation period
  • Working with a team that promotes safety, team work and a positive attitude
  • Great site culture and high safety standards
  • Fantastic camp which include rooms with TV and air-con, gym, pool, sporting facilities, convenience store
  • Good WIFI and Telstra coverage at the camp

Tasks and duties of a Dump Truck Operator

  • Inspecting the truck from tyres, lights and brakes to fuel, oil and water
  • Performing pre- and post-trip inspections
  • Keeping the dump truck clean and in good working order
  • Inspecting material to ensure it has been loaded correctly and securely
  • Reviewing shipping documents to verify data is accurate
  • Maintaining a driver log
  • Dumps & Tip Head Experience
  • Pre-start checks on machinery
  • Maintain equipment

Personal attributes employers are looking for

  • Strong understanding and adherence to OHS and WHS procedures and practices
  • Passionate about what you do
  • Great attitude towards safety and team work
  • Positive attitude
  • Safe history as a Dump Truck Operator

Job requirements

  • Current Driver’s Licence
  • Minimum 6 months experience working on a mine/quarry site
  • Right to Work in Australia
  • Maintain fitness for work, pass a pre-employment medical & drug and alcohol testing.
  • Provide 2 references relating to your Dump Truck skills and experience
  • Previous experience in operating heavy earth moving equipment
  • Valid & contactable references
  • Operate equipment safely
  • Follow company policies and procedures
  • Valid Police Clearance
  • Understanding your obligations under the Qld Coal Mining Safety and Health Act and Regulations
iMINCO Dump Truck Training Course