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Dump Truck Training Course For New Starters in Mining

How good is this dump truck training?

  • The dump trucks you will be driving are one of the biggest trucks in Australia you can currently learn on.
  • The trainers are seasoned dump truck drivers with experience that you can tap into.
  • This course is run under the Mining and Quarry Act and most of the time you will be driving in the proximity of other mining machinery; this is amazing experience for you, unlike you’ll never experience anywhere else – because you’ll be learning on a real mine site.
  • It is a 2 day RIIMPO338D Conduct Rigid Haul Truck Operations course (that’s a huge amount of driving time).
  • You learn on huge MINE-sized dump trucks.
  • You’ll be learning the same positioning, loading and tipping maneouvers  experienced operators do every day.
  • You learn industry RADIO commands which gives you the confidence to go on site and work with your team.
  • You learn about MINING not just driving.
  • You learn how to CONFORM to mine site rules and safety procedures at all times.
  • You will complete this course with Nationally Recognised qualifications, proving you have the skills to operate the large dump trucks.
  • Complete your training with the confidence to operate dump trucks safely.

Training course location

The dump truck driving course is held close to Brisbane.

There are a number of challenging road conditions and skills tests to make you a better driver. You’ll be working with other mining plant and equipment, which gives you experience and confidence to work on a real mine site in the future.

You will be driving BIG, and we mean BIG haul trucks.

You will be more employable because you will have the skills, experience and have attained a nationally recognised qualification: RIIMPO338D – Conduct Rigid Haul Truck Operations.

How much is the course?

Price: Ask for details

Dump Truck Course currently unavailable

Are there plenty of jobs for dump truck operators?

That's a question we often get asked and the answer is, there are always jobs available for good dump truck operators.

We have collected a list of dump truck operator jobs from Workpac; and here is another big list of dump truck jobs in QLD, NSW and WA from JobSeeker. Take the time to research these jobs and see for yourself just how many opportunities are available.

Download the training course overview

Includes 3 BONUS Caterpillar Dump Truck manuals

Download the manuals for the dump trucks you'll be driving. This collection of operator and maintenance manuals are the first step in learning about how these machines work. This knowledge will make completing the training course much easier, plus - when you apply for jobs, you'll soon see how important it is to know the ins-and-outs of both the mechanical operations as well as how to drive.

You'll get the course brochure which contains every detail about the dump truck course.

You'll receive 2 official Caterpillar operator manuals for the 773 and 773F - plus the maintenance manual. No other training provider will give you these unless you do the training - and even then, you might not receive anything like this. Get your copies today.

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