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NSW Mining – New iron ore project could exceed 50 years


iMINCOA new iron ore mining project could create 1000′s of jobs in NSW over the next 50 years.

The Hawsons NSW mining project, is a a joint venture between Carpentaria exploration and Pure Metals could produce 1.4 billion tonnes a year.

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Rio Tinto Iron Ore – New Mining Division Created


iMINCO Rio Tinto Iron Ore Mining - new chief appointedAs iron ore mining in Australia shifts gears, so does the management of some of the largest mining companies.

Rio Tinto has aspirations to be the largest iron ore miner in Australia and has appointed a new chief of global projects.

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FIFO Mining Jobs – A Reference Guide


iMINCO FIFO Mining Jobs - A Reference GuideThe Australian mining industry has been developing over the years by extracting coal and iron ore from remote mining locations.

A new breed of miner has evolved, the FIFO (fly-in, fly-out) mine worker, which has created a new set of challenges for mining companies.

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Australian coal mining – the future of coal


iMINCO Australian coal mining - the future of coalAustralian mining companies continue to sink billions of dollars into coal mining projects.

With smaller margins and increased global competition, why are companies like BHP and Rio Tinto hedging their future on coal?

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