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WA Mining Worth Billions


iMINCO WA Mining Worth BillionsThe WA mining and resource industry reached a whopping $113.8 billion in 2013.

This is a significant achievement despite a significant reduction in exploration expenditure in the mining State.

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Tasmanian Mining Jobs – $40 million Nickel mine


iMINCO Tasmania Mining Jobs - $40 million Nickel mineTasmanian mining is once again has grabbed the media spotlight.

A nickel mine financing and takeover bid could signal the start of renewed production, creating 200 new mining jobs.

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Mining Safety – It starts with Mining Induction training


iMINCO Mining Safety - It starts with Mining Induction trainingUnderground mining operations are one of the most dangerous activities in the Australian mining industry.

Far greater hazards exist compared to above-ground mining, so why are more people putting themselves at risk in 2014?

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NSW mining fatalities – safety training review essential


iMINCO NSW Mining Fatalities - Safety training is criticalThe tragic news of 2 NSW mining fatalites in an underground mining accident has once again placed mining safety back on the agenda.

An investigation is under way at Yancoal’s Austar mine in the Hunter Valley region which employs about 400 workers.

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