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Galilee Basin Chief Appointed by GVK Hancock

iMINCO Galilee Basin Chief Appointed by GVK Hancock

The Galilee Basin has been in the news lately as major mining companies start to realise their dreams of getting stuck into the coal rich tenements grow closer every day.

GVK has appointed an ex Rio Tinto executive to head-up its Galilee Basin coal project.

There’s a lot hinging on the success of GVK and Hancock Coal’s partnership to make a viable business out of creating a huge mine in the middle of the Galilee Basin.

Mining success isn’t always about huge machinery and hoards of workers clad in high-vis safety gear, rushing about a mine site – the top end of town is often just as stressful and where runs on the board mean literally being on the board or not.

GVK appoints former Rio Tinto Coal executive

More so the recent news that Gina Rinehart`s joint venture mining company GVK has appointed a former Rio Tinto Coal executive as its new Chief Executive Officer.

The India-Australia consortium GVK Hancock has announced to the media that Darren Yeates, who had been Rio Tinto Coal`s chief operating officer and acting chief executive, would be talking the helm from outgoing managing director Paul Mulder.

“I am very pleased with the extensive leadership and experience that Mr Yeates will bring to our organisation,”� GVK Reddy, the founder and chairman of GVK Power and Infrastructure, said in a statement.

“I am extremely confident that Mr Yeates` in-depth operational and project management experience will complement our existing management team and drive our Galilee Basin projects to operational reality.”�

Mr Yeates, who had previously worked at Rio Tinto Iron Ore and Tarong Coal, said his immediate focus would be completing the Galilee Basin coal projects in Queensland.

This further cements the resolve of many mining companies who have their sights set on developing their mining operations in the Galilee Basin. People looking for mining jobs in the Galilee Basin would be best to follow news stories like this by subscribing to iMINCO Project news. Although mining operations are yet to start and they could realistically be a couple of years away, now is the perfect time to upskill and prepare for a lucrative mining job in the coal rich Galilee Basin.

What to read next

The Galilee Basin is where the next wave of mining jobs will be in the future – be prepared and get the right training, qualifications and experience.

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