Adani Carmichael mine: Greens senator lives in a bubble

Adani Carmichael mine: Greens senator lives in a bubble

Green Senator accused of being being too fast and loose!

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Adani Carmichael mine project

Lately, the Adani Carmichael mine project has been back in the spotlight (as if it was ever out of it) owing to the federal government’s decision to overturn the original approval for the development of the mine to go ahead.

Scathing attacks on Adani’s headquarters using ’email bombing’ techniques from green groups with the intention of embellishing the figures around complaints about the Galilee Basin mine have surfaced once again. Inaccurate figures around the number of employment opportunities ranging from 10,000 to 1500 mining jobs have been bandied about by governments and Adani alike.

So much confusion, delays, misinformation and inaccurate reporting have placed the whole project into doubt.

Although iMINCO recently reported that Adani was not going to let it’s project slide without a fight and event the honourable minister (of the prime sort), Tony Abbot received fifty lashes from his opposition cohorts when he made favourable comments about the Carmichael mine saying the Adani Galilee Basin project was good for business and if it [Adani Carmichael mine] did not go ahead, it would be bad for Australia.

With opinion divided about the future of the thermal coal project, the fight is on to win approval for the Carmichael mine� and more indications that the Adani $16bn Carmichael mine is still a reality.

The latest ripple in the project to lap against Adani’s feet centres around GREEN Senator Larissa Waters comments on how the development of the Abbot Point coal loading terminal, which is to service coal� from the proposed Carmichael mine means digging up the Great Barrier Reef.

Senator was too fast and loose – Mike Roach!

Waters stands accused of being too fast and loose with the truth and even of ‘living in a bubble’ after her Great Barrier Reef excavation claims.

The Senator let fly a battery of allegations against Indian conglomerate Adani after the Australian Federal Government indicated it may help finance some of the Carmichael mine project costs to construct the massive 300km rail link from central Queensland`s Galilee Basin to Abbot Point, near Bowen.

Taking Waters comments on board, Queensland Resources Council chief executive Michael Roche decided to fire his own shots back at the Senator saying the closest point to the reef that would be dredged would be some 50 kilometres away. The reef and its world famous coral outcrops would not be in danger.

“I challenge the Senator for Queensland to move outside her inner Brisbane bubble and go and talk to people in communities such as Townsville and Mackay that very much want the Galilee Basin projects to proceed,” said Roche.

“These communities are desperate for the thousands of construction and operational mining jobs in Queensland.”

“Contrary to her claims on ABC Radio, no proposal for development of Abbot Point port ever involved “digging up the reef”.

“Senator Waters continues to perpetuate the myth that the dredge material at Abbot Point will be dumped at sea.”

“In fact, as she should well know, the dredge material will be placed on unused port land.’

Adani challenges Senator Waters comments

A spokesperson for Adani also came out fighting saying Senator Waters` comments were ill-�informed and irresponsible.

Senator Waters office offers explanation for ‘bubble’ theory

However, a spokeswoman for Senator Waters said she had been referring to the dredging footprint, which is inside the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area.

“The reef is the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area,” the spokeswoman said.

“The entire area has World Heritage status, including the part the Queensland Government proposes to dredge.”

Senator Waters also told ABC Radio Adani has had multiple breaches of laws in its home nation of India and 12 international banks had refused to fund “an environmental disaster”.

“This project should not proceed. It`s a climate disaster and it`s economically not going to stack up so they should not start digging up the Great Barrier Reef for a project nobody wants to fund.“

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