Woodside Adani agree on LNG deal

Woodside Adani strike LNG deal

Perth Based Woodside to collaborate with Indian based Adani to develop LNG assets

Australian resource company Woodside announced it has entered into an agreement with Adani Enterprises to develop LNG projects.

Western Australian-based Woodside, with its head office in Perth, announced the deal after an official signing ceremony in India which was attended by Australia`s Trade Minister Andrew Robb.

This new agreement between Adani and Woodside will strengthen ties between the two companies, pledging to collaborate in greater depth to identify and develop new opportunities in the LNG sector.

As you would imagine, Adani is very keen to tap into the technical expertise and knowledge of Woodside as a market leader in the resources sector. On the flip-side, Woodside benefits by working alongside a local partner on the Indian sub-continent.

“India is an important emerging LNG market in which we see enormous supply potential as infrastructure is developed,” Woodside chief executive Peter Coleman said.

“Adani is at the forefront of the LNG industry in India and committed to developing partnerships to support securing reliable long-term supplies of clean energy.”

This is yet another indication of the changing face of the Australian resources sector. Whereas once it was China that dominated the flow of trade between our two countries, now it is India that is stepping up to the plate.

Adani stakes its claim on Australian resources

As an avid reader of iMINCO Project News you would be well aware of the developments in India as millions of its citizens apply pressure on its government to bring them out of poverty.

“a new opportunity for Australian coal mining jobs growth”

This pressure has created a new opportunity for Australian coal mining jobs growth as Adani steps ever so close to commencing its flagship mining operation in the Queensland Galilee Basin.

“one of the largest coal mines in the world”

The Adani Carmichael thermal coal mine when completed and operational will be one of the largest coal mines in the world, with some 60 million tonnes of coal being exported through Abbot Point, near Bowen on the east coast of Queensland.

“more jobs for Australians”

With these types of developments, its well worth following Woodside and other Australian resource companies – because the flow-on-effect means more jobs for Australians. Keep in the mining and resource jobs loop by getting iMINCO Project News delivered to your email in-box every week – it does not cost anything – give it a trial.

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WOODSIDE Adani signs MOU to tap into India`s developing LNG market.


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