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Women In Mining To Increase

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women in miningThe Australian Mines and Metal Association (AMMA) are launching a new campaign to help boost participation by women in mining to 25 per cent by 2020.

AMMA director Tara Diamond recently reported the number of women working mining is around 15.5 per cent and that`s just not good enough.

The AMMA is putting together a series of workshops, together with the Women In Resources Alliance, to assist employers find and employ greater numbers of women in the mining industry.

The first workshop to attract more women in mining will be held in Brisbane, with other workshops scheduled for Newcastle, Darwin, Adelaide, Perth and Melbourne throughout November and December.

There is also additional research which suggests having more women in leadership teams in mining can lead to greater return in capital and improved economic growth of mining company.

“We won`t get there just through the companies working on their own cultures, it`s also a matter of improving the perception of the industry in the minds of women,” said AMMA director Tara Diamond.

“Having strategies in place within the business is one thing, but businesses must also look at how their brand is perceived in the market. You need to have the perception out there that you are a preferred employer of women.”

She says the mining industry has the capacity to be great place for women to work.

“The mining and resources industry has one of the highest rates of employment growth, it has world-leading projects and many diverse opportunities for women.”

The other issue for Australian mining companies is to find ways to dedicate more resources to developing the existing female talent pool.

“Having a strong network of mentors is important for women who wish to succeed in the mining sector”

“You need to attract females, but also develop their talent and make sure they come through to management,” she says.

“It can make a big difference to a company’s profitability. Businesses (mining companies) also need to provide a supportive environment, like having access to mentoring programs.

Last week Australia was ranked 24 out of 136 countries in the World Economic Forum`s Global Gender Gap Report.

AMMA chief executive Steve Knott said in a statement the fact Australia is outside the top 20 is concerning.

“This type of change must be driven from the top of an organisation and workforce inclusion must play a central role in normal business practice.”

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