800 Queensland mining jobs

800 Queensland mining jobs – Wiggins Island Coal Export Terminal, Gladstone

Gladstone coal terminal expansion creates 100’s of new mining jobs in Queensland.

The Wiggins Island Coal Export Terminal (WICET) is located at Golding Point, to the west of the existing RG Tanna and Barney Point Terminals,and is currently being expanded, integrating into the existing Port of Gladstone.

With the expansion of the Surat Basin, and growth of coal mining in central Queensland, the Port of Gladstone export capacity needs to expand to meet coal demand worldwide. WICET has been designed and engineered with the future of Queensland coal mining at as its focus. The Gladstone mining project has the potential to be the largest of its kind, using modern technology to assist Queensland coal exporting to be competitive.

WICET is owned by existing and potential coal exporters located in Queensland with the objective of providing increased long term export coal capacity to the industry, via Gladstone. The Queensland Government has granted WICET the mandate to own and develop the coal terminal.

The industry-funded delivery model is a first for Queensland and is owned directly by its industry users rather than third party investors. This facilitates timely development of important coal transport infrastructure, such as roads, overland conveyors, rail lines and new ship berths – without the need for Government funding.

WICET owners will fund the construction of WEXP1, while Gladstone Ports Corporation (GPC)will be the operator of the facility. This will improve efficiency of operations in the Port of Gladstone, without relying on external Government funding.

Queensland Rail Network (the rail network division of QR National) and Surat Basin Railare vital links in the coal supply chain for delivering coal from the Surat and Bowen Basins to the Gladstone region, ready for export by sea to customers all over the world.

800 jobs in construction of the coal terminal expansion

Main components of the Terminal

  • Arail receivaldump station designed to handle 7600 tonnes of coal per hour
  • A 5.5km long overland conveyor transporting from the mine direct to the storage and loading docks
  • Stockyard area for 1.9 million tonnes of coal
  • Materials handling and sampling systems feeding the 2km long jetty coal conveyor
  • Single berth with a travelling ship loader to fill ships at 8250 tonnes of coal per hour
  • Channels and wharfto accept a range of ships from 40,000dwt to 220,000dwt (deadweight)
  • 132kV electricity substation, access roads, workshops, administration offices and amenities to service the mining operation
  • The estimated investment to build the project is $2.5 billion and will provide 800 jobson site during the construction phase and employ up to 120 personnel during operation.

Abigroup awarded $76m contract

QR National has awarded a $76m contract at the Wiggins Island Rail Project to Abigroup, which will perform civil works for a 13km balloon loop at the Port of Gladstone.

Other early works will be conducted by Abigroup and Golding in a joint ventureto take advantage of the combined resources of both companies in the Central Queensland region.

Further expansion planned

WICET is progressing with the plans to expand the Terminal beyond Stage One works.

Expressions of interest have been receivedfor more than 175Mtpa (mega tonnes per annum) of coal export capacity from over 20 prospective producers/mines for shipments from an expanded terminal.

With the expansion of the Port of Gladstone, there are many mining job opportunities in construction and civil earthworks. Go to the WICET website to view a complete list of jobs posted by the contractors who are responsible for the various stages of construction.

Here are some quick links to the jobs boards.

WICET Port of Gladstone Jobs – John Holland
John Holland has been awarded the contract to construct the WICET Stockyard Works located at Golding Point in Gladstone Harbour. Project duration is from 2012 to 2014.

Monadelphous Muhibbah Marine
MMMJV has been appointed to construct WICET’s 1.8km approach jetty and ship berth for Stage One.

Worley Parsons has been awarded the contract to oversee and manage delivery of the project.

Engineering Management Contractors

Abigroup Golding Joint Venture (AGJV)
Bulk earthworks “ North of Gladstone-Mt Larcom Road

Civil Mining & Construction
Bulk Earthworks


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800 Queensland mining & construction jobs – Wiggins Island Coal Export Terminal, Gladstone


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