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WA LNG Jobs – $100M Pipeline Construction Deal

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160 pipeline construction LNG jobs

A new gas pipeline in WA is set to create more jobs in the region as Chevron’s Wheatstone LNG project presses on.

This will ease the pressure on the WA LNG construction jobs market as workers realise new job opportunities are still present.

A strong future for WA LNG jobs as DUET signs a $94.9 million deal with Chevron for Wheatstone LNG pipeline.

DBP development group (DDG) “ a subsidiary of DUET group – has signed a $94.9 million deal with the Australian branch of Chevron to construct, administer and maintain an LNG pipeline between the Wheatstone project site and the Dampier to Bunbury Natural Gas Pipeline (DBNGP). According to recent reports, there will be an initial 100% take-or-pay gas transportation contract for an initial period of 30 years, which means a strong future for WA LNG jobs.

If you are looking for WA jobs in the resources sector, then you should prepare youreslf to apply for one of the many LNG jobs in WA that will come along with the commencement of this venture. The CEO of DDG, Stuart Johnson, says that his company will offer around 160 WA LNG jobs during the construction phase of this pipeline.

Some of the workers will be involved in building of the 16 inch loop pipeline for the 87 kilometer stretch between Ashburton West and compressor station 2 on the DBNGP. The remaining workers will be involved in renovation of the existing pipeline as well as construction of a new 22 kilometer, 16 inch loop pipeline between Ashburton west and the Wheatstone project`s domestic LNG plant.

DDG`s chief executive was quoted saying that the company will spend three quarters of the project implementation money in Australia. It is expected that this project will be completed before the end of 2014 – which means Australian gas jobs, specifically WA jobs in Liquified Natural Gas are set to hit the market.

DDG will renovate existing LNG pipelines as well as build new ones to increase Chevron`s output capacity from its Wheatstone mining fields in WA. This is good news for anybody looking for Australian jobs in gas, as an increase in production capacity of the Chevron Wheatstone plant means an good opportunities for careers in LNG.
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Wheatstone project`s increased output capacity means more WA LNG jobs

On completion of this project it is expected that the Chevron Wheatstone LNG plant will have an annual export of 8.9 million tonnes of liquefied natural gas. Some of the gas will of course be distributed locally to the WA residents.

Once commissioned, this project together with Chevron`s Gorgon LNG project is expected to increase the WA LNG capacity by 40 percent!

Chevron is one of the largest LNG producers in Western Australia.

The company employs more than 4000 LNG miners in its mining fields in WA as well as its Gorgon project which is located off the coast of Western Australia.

On successful completion of the construction of this pipeline, it is expected that there will be even more WA LNG jobs in Chevron`s Wheatstone plant as a result of increased output capacity.

How to land one of these WA LNG jobs

Are you planning to apply for the WA LNG jobs brought about by this project? Well, you need to come up with ideas on how to outsmart fellow job seekers and hence maximise your chances of landing one of these Australian gas jobs.

“how to outsmart fellow job seekers”

The West Australian gas industry have very different requirements in terms of safety courses (compared to Queensland and NSW for instance) that have to be completed before you can even step foot into a mining environment. In the Queensland gas industry (CSG) most of the time you need to have the necessary Australian mining qualifications before applying for any of the WA LNG jobs.

However, any form of mining, whether it be coal, iron ore, CSG or even in the LNG workforce requires knowledge of the industry procedures, risk assessment and safety training.

Course like the mining induction safety course fully prepare you for start in the resource industry. This particular course, although slanted towards mining, is a good introduction to safety awareness and procedural policy and procedures in the resource sector. A qualification like the Standard 11 mining induction and any related course that has the RII unit of competency attached to it will give you a sharp competitive edge over others.

Other courses you can do to increase your LNG job opportunities are;

So if you’re targeting Australian gas jobs or LNG jobs in Australia your definitely on track for a solid career path. Our best tip is to get your a professional resume writer to look at your resume now. (For a limited time you can have your resume appraised for no cost)

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Reference: WA LNG Jobs “ $100M Pipeline Construction Deal | Gorgon Wheatstone LNG

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