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More WA Jobs – Gorgon LNG Project Ramps Up

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iMINCO More WA Jobs  - Gorgon LNG Project Ramps UpThe WA Gorgon LNG project on Barrow Island off the coast of WA has been plagued with delays, cost over-runs and management changeovers.

WA jobs on the project have been steadily climbing as the LNG trains take shape and more and more skilled tradespeople are needed.

There’s new activity around the Chevron Gorgon LNG Project that will lead to more WA jobs asMechanical, Electrical and Instrumentation jointcontractors, CB&I and Kentz (CKJV), prepare to ramp uptheir intake of skilled workers.

iMINCO has been in contact with one of the CKJV supervisors on the Gorgon Project, and the word is thatCKJV could be on-boarding a large number of people to forge ahead with the lagging construction and commissioning project. The race is now on to get at least one of the three LNG trains commissioned first, then continue with the other two. CKJV was awarded a contract by Chevron Australia Pty Ltd for the Mechanical, Electrical and Instrumentation work on the Gorgon Project at Barrow Island, Western Australia.

A new push to get gas in the pipeline

Pressure from Gorgon’s USA management team at Chevron has resulted in a new push to get the gas flowing in a bid to generate much needed revenue. Considering the initial estimated project costings came in around the mid $30 billion mark, whereas now the project is at least 2 years overdue and has seen cost blow-outs in the region of $60 billion – and rising.

Technically skilled people work a FIFO roster

There are more WA jobs going to be offered to people who don’t have previous experience in the gas sector, but have a willingness to work. Technically skilled people will be offered on-site roles on a FIFO roster, with the majority of support and admin staff being FIFO from Perth.

Rosters at the moment can be hectic with 26 on and 9 off, as one senior technician told iMINCO – although there is talk of a 20/6 roster being introduced to stop the attrition rate of contractors from climbing.

Extended contracts mean more WA jobs up to 2017

The CKJV contract has an estimated value of $2.3 billion and is scheduled for completion in 2015 – although the way things are going over there, it could stretch out to 2017 – so there’s plenty of work going.

The contract scope of work includes the structural, mechanical, piping, electrical, instrumentation and commissioning support for the construction of three LNG trains (with a total capacity 15 million tones per annum), including associated utilities and a domestic gas processing and compression plant.

WA jobs on the Gorgon Project are set to soar

WA jobs on the Gorgon Project are going to be plentiful. Applications are being accepted from qualified Supervisors and Superintendents who have predominantly a mechanical, electrical and instrumentation background.

Although the recent newspaper ad that featured in an Australian national newspaper lists all types of trade jobs such as fitters, riggers, scaffolders and electricians – so it’s a fantastic opportunity for all.

Skilled people should get their applications in as soon as possible. There’s plenty of work going in WA – and with the long rosters and 10-12 hour days, there’s room to make some serious money on the Chevron Gorgon LNG Project in WA.

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WA jobs on the Gorgon Project - CKJV CB & I and Kentz Joint Venture

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