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WA Jobs – $300M BHP Port Hedland Expansion

WA Jobs - $300M BHP Port Hedland Expansion Goahead - iMINCO

WA jobs in the bustling coastal iron ore hotspot of Port Hedland look to be on the rise.

BHP Billiton has finally released a statement announcing a new $300 million port expansion project. This has been a long term goal for the miner to become a major force in the Pilbara iron ore business.

The WA project involves the replacement of two ship loaders at the BHP Nelson Point port in Port Hedland.

HP Billiton said US301 million ($A329 million) Nelson Point investment would significantly increase the reliability in terms of what the company can achieve in terms of iron ore loading. This new project will increase the efficiency of iron ore transfer from train to ship, creating a quicker turnaround and the inner harbour port berths. A completion deadline for replacement of the existing 2 ship loaders is scheduled for the second half of 2014.

The Nelson Point port project will create more WA jobs in the construction sector, benefiting locals and FIFO workers.

With a loading capacity of 12,500 tonnes per hour, each ship loader will positively impact the productivity of BHP Billiton’s port operations. The existing ship loaders are around 40 years old, and have a load rate of around 10,000t/hour – a 25 per cent increase in loading capacity.

Additional port capacity for BHP will also benefit the miner as it looks to realising future targets of 270 million tonnes of iron ore exports per year.

BHP Billiton Iron Ore president Jimmy Wilson was quoted as saying, “This is an important investment that is consistent with our commitment to maximise the capacity of the Western Australia iron ore inner harbour and deliver substantial value to shareholders and other stakeholders”.

The mining companies’ iron ore operations are based in the North West Pilbara region of Western Australia. Their operation is made up of a network of seven inland mining operations, including a staggering 1000km of rail, stock yards and two individual port and ship loading facilities located in Port Hedland.

BHP employ around 13,000 employees in the Pilbara

BHP Billiton Iron Ore is widely known as one of the world`s biggest suppliers of iron ore to a global market. There are around 13,000 employees dotted across the vast Pilbara landscape. Mining operations are centered and supported via the town of Newman while Port Hedland takes care of the company`s port and rail facilities.

In terms of their mining operattions, BHP Billiton manages;

  • the Mount Newman Joint Venture (Mount Whaleback plus three other nearby mines)
  • the Yandi Joint Venture (Yandi/Marillana Creek mine)
  • the Mount Goldsworthy Joint Venture (Yarrie mine); and
  • the Mining Area C Joint Venture (C Deposit mine).

It also owns the Jimblebar mine, which was recently completed in Nov 2013. The Mount Whaleback mine dates back to 1958 and is 5.5 kilometres in length, has a width of 2 kilometres and will be mined until it reaches a depth of 500 metres. Iron ore from the mines are carried by huge trains, some over 2km long and can haul loads greater than 25,000 tonnes to Port Hedland for export.

Crushing screening and blending of the iron ore is also performed at the port itself.

WA Jobs with BHP Billiton

The Port Hedland harbour expansion project is yet another sign of mining activity in the Pilbara. BHP had previously shelved plans to sink $20 billion into their ‘outer harbour’ project earlier this year, but decided to postpone this until the iron ore market stabilised.

Despite the worrying fall of the spot price of iron ore to around $80 a wet metric tonne to the present day price of approximately $130 a tonne, confidence has again gripped the iron ore mining companies in the Pilbara.

This is good news for WA jobs with BHP Billiton and other major mining companies who mine the red gold in the Pilbara.

Where To Find WA Jobs In Mining

  • Go directly to the BHP Billiton mining jobs board, where you can search for mining jobs as well as register to BHP Billiton WA Jobs alerts: www.careers.bhpbilliton.com/jobSearch.asp
  • Go to SEEK.com.au and do a search using the following keywords: ‘BHP mining jobs WA’, ‘wa jobs BHP’, ‘BHP’, “BHP Billiton WA jobs”.There are always good jobs on SEEK, including Safety Officers, Administration, Engineers, Warehouse Personnel, Haul Truck Drivers, Cleaners and Cooking Staff.
  • Indeed.com.au is a jobs website where you can also find a big selection of mining jobs in WA with BHP Billiton.They also have a section here: http://au.indeed.com/cmp/Bhp-Billiton/reviews which contains reviews of BHP by people who have worked for them or are currently employed in a variety of WA jobs with BHP.It’s good source of information for people who are seriously thinking of a mining career in WA with BHP Billiton.
  • Try looking for WA jobs on the www.jobseeker.com.au/BHP-Billiton-jobs website. They list an assortment of jobs you can apply for, although you may have to do a bit of refining of your search keywords owing to the fact this website shows all BHP Billiton jobs and not just WA jobs.
  • BHP Jobs pre-application checklist.
    • If you are a new starter or you have a past experience in a job that can relate to the mining sector in WA, get the latest information on entry level mining jobs here.
    • You may have to complete a mining induction course to prepare you for what it’s like to work safely in the mining industry.
    • Think about what mining training courses you can do to make yourself more employable and a good investment for BHP Billiton.
    • Have someone create a professional mining focused resume to target the BHP jobs you are hoping to win.
    • Prepare and practice for your job interview. If you’re a little rusty in the interview department – it’s time you got a copy of the iMINCO interview tips e-book.
    • Do a 4 wheel drive course, because chances are you’ll be required to do a lot of on-site travelling across the remote Pilbara landscape.
At iMINCO, thousands of people have been shown the way to finding WA jobs. This includes both Australian residents and international visitors on temporary visa’s who want to find skilled and unskilled jobs in mining in WA. Many people are working in mining jobs and FIFO from all over Australia. BHP Billiton offer a wide range of career opportunities for all their employees. Start you WA jobs hunt today – mining in WA is not going to stop, new investment will always mean more jobs for Australians.
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