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Train on a Mine Site

We have a connection to an active mine site that allows a few students to train on machinery in a real mine environment. Getting this sort of mining experience is very useful when applying for jobs that require experience

Training on a mine site

Drive Large Machinery

If you can drive a 60t dump truck you can drive a 200t dump truck. If you've only driven a car then you have a big gap to fill. Find out how you can close this gap and get experience on large machinery on a mine site.

Drive large machinery on a mine site

Mining Induction Training

The standard 11 mining induction is a common requirement to work in Queensland coal mines. Read about the course and how it can educate you on the mining industry.

Standard 11 mining induction information

Risk Management Training

The mining industry is a dangerous workplace. You need to be able to show potential employers you are aware of the risks and you know how to avoid them.

Read about risk management short courses