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Types of Mining Jobs – Something For Everyone

iMINCOToday’s Australian mining jobs are quite different from what they were in the past.

Even taking into consideration recent mining accidents, mining in Australia is generally considered to be a safe, clean and well-maintained place to work  – especially in Queensland.

While some mine sites are older and could really do with an upgrade, many of the newer “fly-in, fly-out” mines are well designed and very comfortable.

This is a big plus for many people who choose the FIFO lifestyle. Let’s face it, mining jobs can be challenging and exhausting too. It’s not exactly “easy” work, however some mining jobs are easier than others.

Here`s a look at the different types of jobs you can expect to find in the mines.

Entry-level mining jobs

The entry-level jobs are the ones you often see advertised as “no experience necessary”. Starting out in one of these positions can allow people who are new to the mining industry to get some training under their belts and move up into a higher paying job.

“getting a foot in the door”

This is also a proven way start a mining career by getting a foot in the door whilst undergoing further training and upskilling. Mine jobs in this category include laborers, trades assistants, administration staff, cleaners, cooks and kitchen-hands, hospitality staff,  apprentices, offsiders and driller assistants.

Drivers & dump truck operators

People who work in mining jobs as drivers typically need previous training and/or experience – however, this is not a rule. Special licenses or certifications may be needed to qualify for the driving jobs in mining that include remote bus driver, dump truck driver and haul truck operator.

The offsiders mentioned in the entry level section help the drivers with loading, unloading and other tasks.

“dump truck drivers can start out as offsiders”

It’s not uncommon for some drivers to start out as offsiders and work their way up once they have gained experience and can prove to their supervisor they have the right skills to safely operate a 400 tonne dump truck.

Mine Machine Operators

Training and certification and/or experience are usually key requirements for these types of mining jobs. An All Rounder operator role fits nicely into this category. The All Rounder is expected to be able to safely operate the haul truck, water truck, excavator, roller and 4WD vehicles.

“All Rounder jobs are in demand”

Other types of machine operators include the underground jumbo, crane, front-end loader, plant and dozer operator positions. Machinery operator mining jobs are continually advertised on the mining jobs boards like SEEK, Indeed, CareerOne, iMINCO and JobSearch.


Plant and Vehicle Mechanics

Auto mechanics can often find a good selection of regular work in the mines. Mining companies need diesel mechanics, light vehicle mechanics and haul truck tyre fitters.

Other jobs in demand are for mechanics who have experience working on the specialised mobile equipment used in and around the mines.

Skilled Workers

Mining jobs for skilled workers will most likely always be available because of the nature of the work and the opportunity for skilled workers to move from mine site to mine site.

“most likely to be trade qualified”

Skilled mine workers are most likely to be trade qualified and may come from a civil construction or engineering background.

Some of the mining jobs for skilled workers would include:

  • electricians
  • welders
  • linesmen
  • explosive experts
  • fabricators
  • concreters
  • boilermakers
  • sheet metal workers
  • plumbers; and
  • carpenters

Other types of mining jobs in Australia

Major mining operations need many other types of workers. There are jobs in mining for accountants, payroll clerks, secretaries, receptionists and other office workers. Owing to the remote locations of mining operations, especially in Western Australia, mines need experienced cooks, chefs, wait-staff, cleaners and housekeepers.

“the list of jobs and job opportunities is endless”

Most mine sites will also have a computer network administrator, communications specialist and at least a small information technology team to help maintain the systems.

Mining companies also need experienced engineers, geologists, counselors and other graduates. When you think of it, these types of people may also need assistant, and so the list of jobs and job opportunities are endless.

To sum it up, the kind of work you do in mining jobs these days could be any kind of work.

Whether you are a skilled worker or just starting out, you might consider looking for mining jobs with one of the mining companies or mining contractors in your area.

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