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Truck Operator mining jobs in Queensland

Mining Dump Truck Operator Jobs iMINCO Bown Basin

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Truck Operator – WorkPac Group

Entry Level – 6 Month Transition

Dump Truck mining Jobs in Queensland by WorkPac Group

Published Date: 23/04/2019
Job Advertiser: WorkPac Group

Apply for the Truck Operator job on the WorkPac website here: Truck Operator

Note: this job may or may not be still available.
Job Description: Truck Operator job in the mines in Queensland

This is a sample Regional Queensland WorkPac Group mining and resource sector job from WorkPac Group, who are a leading labour hire company in Australia. They continually advertise a wide range of jobs for workers with experience as a Truck Operator.

How to apply for the WorkPac Group Truck Operator job

Apply for the Truck Operator job on the WorkPac Group website here: Truck Operator

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Category: Mining, Oil & Gas

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